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18 April 2019
You had me at hybrid certification. Awesome work and great team!


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15 February 2019
Buying a car in Singapore is damn Expensive. I'm driving a common car, Hyundai Avante '09 with a mileage of 200+ km. With the intention to renew its COE, I when to GSC to have it inspect. On the other hand, having problems with this car doubt me to continue its life and finding the root cause is not easy and with GSC now my car is smooth and drives better with a guarantee that it won't break down half way. I would to like to take this opportunity to thank you, Mr Soh and the whole team for the hard work and patience just to find the root cause of my car problem, its not easy I would say, finding the problems and solve it, only to change whatever is necessary. And at the same time I also learn from Mr Soh, how cars functioned especially mine. To have a car workshop that do almost everything is difficult to find. Done from a dedicated team, with a reasonable pricing and good quality, pay attention to details, honesty and trusworthy and comes with a great customer service that will update you and keeps you aware of the problem with your car. It gives me a peace of my mine now to renew its COE. Keep it up! I wish great success for GSC Auto! Thank you! I see you when my car (S**1664A) needs you, its next servicing date.


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