Neuro-Linguistic Programming - What Is It?

Published - 21 January 2021, Thursday
  • Sylvia Fernandes
  • Sylvia Fernandes

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an epistemology – a model of how we know what we know. Co-founded by a Professor of Linguistics and a computer scientist in the late 70’s, NLP found its roots in psychotherapy.

More recently, corporates have begun to realise the power of conducting NLP certification courses in the workplace. Comprising a series of models, an NLP course would typically be most impactful for the higher echelons of a corporate.

This is understandably so, as senior leadership teams understand models and the big picture of how things connect with each other. Hence NLP Practitioner programs would largely be offered within a corporate to senior leadership, Human Resource and those responsible for teams.

Imagine if you could understand the leverage points to change behaviour and know how to influence others for better results? Wouldn’t that take the pain out of the day?

Sylvia Fernandes

Well, the entire toolbox of NLP consists of hundreds of processes, geared towards specific problems. So whether it is resolving team conflict, deepening rapport with clients, managing a state of mind to win a deal or understanding how values drive motivation, an NLP course is worth every cent you spend.

Seen as an investment rather than an expense, an NLP course gears the mindset of employees towards the corporate mission which in turn drives engagement and eventually bottom line results. 

The first level of NLP certification is the NLP Practitioner program. It is here that mindsets shift to gain perspective of working with context rather than content. 

As an example if you knew the Language of Influence and used it’s patterns and structure to negotiate, engage your client and have good conversations with your teams, this would take the stress out of life. So working with context (language structure & patterns) rather than content (the actual conversation) yields faster and better results.

Some hints of what I observed about the successful companies I worked with over the years;

  • Smart corporates skill their people in downtime and ready to hit the ground running in good times
  • They do a modular-style NLP course which is phased over months to allow for immersion of the technology and gives employees time to integrate learnings in small chunks
  • Corporate wide initiatives like NLP courses are launched throughout the whole company to create a common language that opens communication and transparency

Designing a dream team would be easy to do if senior leadership were certified in NLP. It is here that leaders would understand the true meaning of working together as a team and what it is to be a leader.

The first step of certifying each member as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner only serves to make the corporate a better culture one that would attract talent easily. Especially with the younger generation who look for inspirational leaders today, this would be a drawcard to hire only the best.

A CEO I worked with, hired me to “make his people happy”. He felt if they were happy, they would be happy at work and home. The rest would fall in place naturally and the corporate he ran would benefit. He was 100% spot on. Within 6 months of conducting Neuro Linguistic Programming courses, bottom line results started to spike and once the momentum began, there was no turning back.

This corporate’s Return on Investment was high as they went from strength to strength. A big decision that led to even bigger success. They were the envy of the industry for having made the right decision.

About Sylvia Fernandes

Sylvia is Founder, CEO & Master Trainer at  VIA Frontiers Pte Ltd. She trained with many of the best in NLP including the co-founders John Grinder & Richard Bandler. Certified by 4 NLP organizations as a Trainer Sylvia reviewed many NLP organizations to see how they deliver the body of knowledge. She created her own description and today her focus is mainly on consulting and training to individuals and in the corporate world. With applications like mindset change, aligning cultures, building leadership teams and establishing corporate coaching infrastructures, Sylvia has a unique offering merging her past corporate experience of more than 20 years with NLP today.

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When Covid-19 hit the world, Sylvia realised that many people would suffer anxiety and fear at the uncertainty ahead. She made use of the Circuit Breaker timeout, to re-invent her assets into the online space.

Today Sylvia is helping individuals and companies with two courses that have been designed specifically to transfer skills to participants and help them self manage.

Both approved by Skills Future, it is indeed an incentive for Singaporeans who have available balance to sign up now. If you are not Singaporean and interested in Sylvia's online courses, you are also welcome to join the classes.

Sylvia is also open to conducting these courses for organizations as it's indeed impactful when a team learns these tools and applies them immediately to their context.

NLP For Success at Work runs online for 3 weeks with both weekday night and weekend morning options. This is a 7 hour course that provides first base tools to participants like building rapport and goal setting the NLP way.

Participants are enjoying the course tremendously as tools are easy to understand and apply. Sylvia's tremendous experience in the field also has her share stories, which makes learning even more impactful.

Sylvia's other online course Create Your Future Now is conducted over 4 weeks, two hours at a time. This gives participants self-management tools to de-stress, build resilience and stay focused.

In the years that I have known Sylvia, one thing for sure. She does everything with passion and fun. She is someone who loves life and gives her all. This is a great opportunity to up-skill and re-skill into the world of connecting with others and learning what is outside your awareness.

Deriving efficiencies from the new normal has never been so needed. Opening the mind and expanding boundaries towards accepting uncertainty, and being resourceful is the name of the game.

It's survival of the fittest. To find out more about NLP For Success at Work visit