How to Travel During Quarantine?

Published - 22 April 2021, Thursday
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As the world is coping with another day of life in quarantine, travelling matters still represent one of those challenging issues that we all face.

While we have restrictions and certain rules that must be followed, it is still possible to make your travels safer in terms of healthcare safety and legislation.

Unfortunately, there is no universal rule that will work for every country these days as the list of requirements and limitations changes almost daily, yet keeping up with the basic safety rules will help to avoid any troubles that may occur at the customs or when staying abroad.

4 Travelling Tips During Quarantine

Remember About Basic Safety Rules. Even though we see the directions and safety signs everywhere these days, one should remember about hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Of course, one should maintain a physical distance of at least one meter from others if it is possible or follow directions that are provided.

As for the use of a mask, it is often left to the restrictions currently active in the country of destination, yet wearing a mask more will often keep you safe. If you belong to any travellers at risk or have a chronic disease, the general rule is to postpone your travels, yet following the basic safety rules should keep you safe under most conditions!

Keep Your Travel Documents Translated. Remember that you have to translate all the necessary documents if you plan to travel internationally. These rules have been introduced even before quarantine times, yet you should always double-check in case anything additional to the usual list of travel documents must be added. Remember that such translations must be done only by skilled certified specialists.

The key aspect of international travelling these days is your immunization record translation, which must be approached with great care. Do not forget to check all the personal names, dates, and numbers as you receive the final document. Remember to ask about the deadlines and do not leave it for the last day before your departure as every translation takes time!

Prepare and Sort Your Travel Items In Advance. It is important to start with the preparation of your belongings sometime before your planned date because the airlines often change their rules regarding the baggage and the list of items that may be temporarily restricted.

As you learn how to prepare your key documents for traveling, you should not forget about what items you may require abroad during the times of social distancing and the turbulent work of the foreign shops. Therefore, do take time to evaluate your needs in advance as you travel!

Learn The Foreign Restrictions Before Entering The Country. Since no one would like to enter the list of unhappy tourists abroad, it is important to check the list of rules and restrictions in a country of your destination before you actually enter the land.

For example, some countries allow you to enter them (think of Egypt or Turkey), yet you will have to follow the schedules of the restaurants or even face the curfew restrictions during the weekends! Still, it does not stop people from visiting those beautiful and warm lands.

The most important is to understand the rules in a foreign land and have your documents properly translated by a certified specialist. 

The Culture of Respect and Compassion

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Unfortunately, an important aspect of travelling during quarantine that is often ignored relates to the culture of compassion and patience since not every person perceives the rules of personal safety the same way.

While we cannot force every individual to act adequately, it is possible to comfort those individuals who may require our help and support, especially the young people and the elderly.

Make sure to offer help as you travel and point out the rules if you see someone struggling to understand them. Always show respect and care as you travel and remember that we are all in this together.

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