How To Job Search Effectively

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
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The Great Resignation has given employees more bargaining power nowadays with a smaller pool of work talent. With that in mind, you should perhaps think about what are your next steps to your career path, and consider if you should work longer at your current role for more experience or if it is time to move on.

Here are some effective ways of doing your job search to increase your chances of landing a new job should it be time for you to continue your career path.

Get Scouted By Building A Strong Profile

Job searching requires a lot of effort. Why not reduce the hard work by making it easier for potential employers to find you?

Having a LinkedIn profile is a great way to get employers to notice you. Of course, it does not simply mean creating an account and letting it sit idly there. Put in effort to update your career achievements or perhaps indicate your intentions of seeking a new job and career aspirations as well.

You will be surprised to know that many recruiters actually browse through various LinkedIn profiles in search of suitable candidates for certain roles. Employers might even reach out to you on roles which you may not have even considered previously. Who knows, you might end up doing something more exciting as compared to your previous role!

Constantly Revisit Job Pages Or Sign Up For Alerts

Want to be kept in the loop about new jobs that match your job criteria or from companies that you are interested in without having to scour job websites daily? Sign up for job alerts then! There are many job portals that offer free email or text messages alert whenever a new position is being advertised. Furthermore, these sites usually offer the option to customise your settings such that you only receive job alerts for those positions or fields that you are interested in, instead of constantly being swamped with unrelated job notifications.

Signing up for these jobs alert allow you to save time and swiftly apply for jobs that you might be interested in.

Expanding Your Network

To take your job search up a notch, one great way is to spread the word by networking. Networking is a great way to uncover unadvertised positions. At the same time, it allows you to find out more about various roles from the industry experts themselves.

Make an effort to reconnect with your professional contacts and do not shy away from letting them know your intentions. They might not have open positions on hand but could refer you to someone else instead. Remember, personal recommendation is akin to a golden ticket in the job hunt game.

In order to be a step ahead in the job search job, your job search activity should go beyond mere browsing of online job boards. It should include branding yourself and making the first move in reaching out and connecting with the right people. This would certainly widen your job search options and provide more career opportunities as well.

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