9 Tips to Effectively Promote Your Music Event on Social Media

Published - 09 February 2021, Tuesday
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Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools today. With millions of people checking their social media accounts every day, marketers have the chance to spread their message and raise brand awareness. The same goes for advertising and promoting music events.

If you want to promote your music event on social media, you need a strategy. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you design a killer plan for music event promotion on social media. source: Pixabay

Let’s take a closer look together.

  1. Facebook Event

Let’s start from a basic but still highly effective way to promote a music event on social media.

Creating an Event on Facebook is a brilliant way to kick start your promotion. On the Event page, you’ll be able to write and share:

  • event location, date, and time
  • event description (headliners, guests, and timeline)
  • event videos  & images
  • ticket sale details

In addition, you’ll be able to invite your target audience to attend the event, send them invitations, and even turn the event post into a sponsored ad.

Plus, people will be able to share the event with others ad invite their friends to attend as well.

  1. Use Unique Hashtags


Another great way to promote your music event on social media is to create a unique hashtag. Hashtags are great for promoting specific content that your target audience might find interesting.

To create your event’s hashtag, you need to consider who your target audience is and what they might like the most.

The hashtag for your music event needs to be:

  • catchy
  • easy to remember
  • creative
  • inspirational

Once you create the hashtag, update your social media profiles, and add a hashtag wherever you can: 

  • profile photos
  • cover photos
  • page description
  • videos and images

Also, don’t forget to invite your followers to use this hashtag on their posts as well.

  1. Do Interviews

Promoting on social media is always better with the help of other people such as influencers, musicians who’ll perform, or renowned names from the music industry.

It’s simple. These people already have:

  • a strong followers’ base
  • fan base
  • supporters
  • people who respect their opinion

If you get them to talk about your event and promote it either as guests on your social media accounts or on their own, you’ll boost your attendance for sure.

So, find the right people, that the target audience of your music event will admire and get them to:

  • do a Live interview on Instagram
  • do a Video Interview for you to share on all social media

You can even post the interview to your blog, in a written format, and share it with that audience as well. Get some academic assistance to make sure you write like a pro.

Also, make sure that they share the content related to your music event and support it this way as well.

  1. Do a Countdown

As the time of the music event approaches, you need to lift the bar and start adding some more tension to the waiting process. People need to feel excited and anticipate the event with great enthusiasm.

To launch this type of social media promotions you can use countdown in all forms and shapes:

  • Instagram Story countdown
  • video posts countdown

You can post a video each day with one of the guests reminding the attendees how many days are left. You can use attention-grabbing visuals and make memorable posts to keep people reminded and uplifted.

  1. Use Teasers

Everybody wants to have a sneak peek at what you're up to and they want to know what to expect from your music event.

Naturally, you don’t want to share the biggest surprises and reveal all the details you have lined up for your audience, but you still need to give them something.

Posting teasers on social media is the perfect combination of revealing just a bit in order to improve your attendance list by far.

Therefore, create and posts teasers that show:

  • a part of the venue
  • the decoration
  • artists practising on the stage
  • shots from the previous similar event
  • people working behind the scene

Give the audience something to hold on to until they actually get to the event and start enjoying it. This will keep them interested and ensure they actively follow all your social media posts.

  1. Do a Giveaway

Everybody loves to get stuff for free, or even better, win something they truly want. That’s why giveaways are another brilliant social media promotion strategy you can use to promote your event.

The most important thing about giveaways is to set the rules to ensure your followers are doing the promotion for you:

  • tag a friend
  • like the page or profile
  • leave a comment
  • like the giveaway post

You can add even more rules, to ensure a huge number of people learns about your giveaway.

Once the time comes, do a transparent winner announcement and award them with tickets to your event, backstage talk with a musician, or a post-event cocktail.

People will love to be a part of your giveaway and your event awareness will jump to the Moon.

  1. Urgency

Every marketing expert will tell you that creating a sense of urgency is the way to go. People don’t like to miss out on great deals and you should use this for promoting your event.

So, to create a sense of urgency, you should use social media to post about:

  • early birds deadlines
  • special offers
  • deadlines for special prices
  • group visit discounts

Remind your followers and fans about the opportunity to win a great deal and inspire them to get their tickets as soon as possible.

  1. Use Live Videos

Your promotion continues even once the event day has arrived. That means that you need to take your online audience to your event virtually.

Live videos are great for event promotion, especially on the day of the event. You can do Live videos showing:

  • preparation process
  • team atmosphere
  • performers getting ready
  • setting up the venue

Also, make sure that you do Live videos during the event to show those not there what they’re missing. This will serve them as a reason more to attend your music event the next time they have a chance.

  1. Post-Event Promotion

Finally, don’t forget to continue promoting your event even after it’s over. This is very important especially if you plan on doing more music events.

Therefore, make sure that you use social media to continue the promotion using user-generated content:

  • repost videos and images
  • do a hashtag search to discover all the material
  • thank people for attending

Make sure you show those who missed your event just how much fun you’ve had. Make sure to mention your future events and promise the same great atmosphere and even more fun.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, social media is one of the best ways for you to promote your music event. All you have to do is create a strategy and stick to it.

Use the advice listed above and start working on your social media promotion strategy today. Make sure your event has a super-high attendance rate using the best social media promotion tips.

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