7 Ways To Care For Your Senior Cat

Published - 12 August 2022, Friday
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When your cat starts aging, it can be a challenging time for them. Cats require love and support to nurture them through their older years. Taking the necessary steps to make them more comfortable is ideal, and here you will discover seven ways to care for them more effectively! Let's explore some methods to make their golden years more bearable.

1. Pay Careful Attention To Their Diet In Old Age

As your cat ages, their dietary needs change, and it's your responsibility to ensure they are loved. Their weight is more critical than ever in old age because the bones are weaker and don't need that extra stress. Talk to your veterinarian about an older cat formula encouraging a healthy weight and improved digestion. Their health stems from maintaining a proper diet into their older years.

2. Make Water More Abundant And Consider A Fountain

Hydration is vital for cats who are getting older because their digestive system isn't functioning efficiently anymore. You can prevent kidney problems and other issues that arise from lack of hydration. Sometimes, cats don't drink water if it's still, and they might benefit from a fresh fountain. Consider giving them filtered water, not from the tap, as this is better for the body. It is best to make water more accessible, not on counters or upstairs. They should have a continual flow of fresh water, and washing out their dish is essential for preventing infections.

3. Pay Attention To Their Behavior To Detect Any Pain

Cats are very subtle when masking their pain, and you must keep a careful eye on them. Actively observe their walking pattern and note any limps or staggered movements. Try to make it, so they don't have to jump anywhere and take it easy when handling them because they are more fragile than before. Arthritis is one of the main problems with senior cats, and this is due to old age. However, one of the accelerators of this condition is if your cat is overweight. Arthritis puts stress on the bones, and to increase their bone and joint health, put them on a diet.

4. Regularly Get Them In For Routine Dental Care

You may not initially think that cat hygiene is a pressing matter. Think again because older cats are more susceptible to rot. Holes can form in the enamel, and infections can make their way into the bloodstream. Diseases negatively affect their vital organs and create unnecessary problems that are preventable. Take them in for regular dental care, which will help them achieve optimal health. Simply staying on top of this can increase their lifespan.

5. Try To Help Them Exercise And Stay More Alert With Toys

Older cats aren't as agile as when they were younger. They need specialized tools and toys to thrive. Consider getting them a cat ramp that makes higher places easier to reach. They need more mental stimulation and exercise, but more gently than before. A covered cat bed will help them rest and feel at ease with reduced stress. Scratching posts and other toys will encourage exercise and blood flow. You can also get a feeding machine that forces them to solve puzzles to promote mental stimulation!

6. Stay Connected To Your Vet To Get Professional Advice

No one likes getting bad news about their cat, but it's essential to hear the realities so you can take action. If you have an older cat, they need consistent checkups to ensure the proper treatment. If your pet is over eleven years of age, then it's wise to take them in halfway through the year for a thorough examination. You can detect problems earlier and become conscious of their individual needs. All cat's medical needs change over time, so regular checkups are mandatory for optimal health!

7. In-home Euthanasia Is The Right Choice Sometimes

Sometimes, an illness or symptoms of old age can become severe in cats, which calls for an essential yet difficult decision. For instance, at home euthanasia in Philadelphia has you covered with friendly and efficient services to give your pet peace. You can find services like HomeHeart Vets that will "help pet parents provide ease and dignity to their beloved companions when it's time to say goodbye." They are caring and compassionate during your hard times and help with the transition and logistics. The main advantage is you won't have to go to another location to get the job done, which is less stressful for you and your cat.

Use These Strategies To Make Things Easier For Your Senior Cat

Now you have understood how to make your cat feel better when they get older. It's a natural part of life to experience some hardships, but they will appreciate your consideration, promoting longevity. You have to make tough decisions, but it's better if they don't suffer for prolonged periods from an illness. Treat your cats right, and they will live longer!​​​​​​​








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