7 Advantages of Learning Languages of Asian Countries

Published - 25 May 2021, Tuesday
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A new language is an extremely valuable skill to possess, regardless of the language and the purpose you started learning it for. Learning a new language is a kind of personal journey. You manage to learn a lot about yourself, other people, and cultures.

At the same time, you can make new friends and even start thinking outside the box. Learning Asian languages has been quite popular for a while, and for a great reason. All the benefits listed above get multiplied by a considerable number if you start learning the language of one of the Asian countries in particular.

Learning Some of the Most Spoken Languages

Learning Asian languages has a considerable numeric argument behind it. Asia is the most populated and the most spacious continent on our planet. This makes it pretty safe to assume that the languages spoken in Asia are some of the most spoken ones in the world. Indeed, at least seven languages in the top 10 most spoken come from Asia.

Another great argument is that any Asian language is nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The languages of the most populous continent in the world are pretty unique and don’t seem to share much with the Western languages. Some languages of Asia may even sound and appear unrelated between themselves. So, learning the Asian language is quite an experience. Finally, if you need to go abroad, you will be able to find the best translation service and check whether it’s good enough only if you speak a language from Asia. But there are many more good reasons to learn an Asian language or two. Here are some of them.

7 Advantages of Learning Asian Languages

  1. You’ll be able to think differently.

Learning a new language on its own stimulates out-of-the-box thinking. You’ll always find at least 5 benefits of intensive language studying regardless of the context. Asian languages, however, go even further because they have no clear relation with any language you might have heard or learned before. So, learning a new language that comes from Asia is a great opportunity to turn your worldview upside down.

  1. You’ll give your brain some great training.

Keeping your mind fit at all times is not just good practice but is also a necessary safety measure to avoid neurological issues, such as stroke or Alzheimer’s. Language learning is a great exercise for your brain as it involves memory, cognition, and multitasking. Putting all of that to the extreme, mainly because Asian languages are rather unfamiliar to the Western learners, boosts the effect by numbers.

  1. Traveling to Asia will become easier for you.

Going for a trip to Asia is always a great idea, with many countries on the continent being popular travel destinations for lots of people. But speaking one of the languages gives you quite a lot of confidence and benefits. While many Asian languages might not be related to each other, lots of them still utilize a common hieroglyphic writing system that originated in China. While those hieroglyphs have different meanings in different languages, they still manage to depict the same essence of things, concepts, or matters.

  1. You’ll be able to enjoy Asian movies.

Film industries of South Korea, China, India, and Japan are becoming extremely popular, with some films receiving worldwide critical acclaim. Enjoying these films in their original dub would mean that you watch those films first. You can also create subtitles for them and do a good thing. Finally, watching the movies without an audio translation provides you with an awesome immersive experience that not everyone can have.

  1. You’ll get your job opportunities boosted.

Speaking any second language is always a plus when it comes to employment. With Asian countries developing so rapidly in the modern world, speaking one of the languages can soon become as valuable as speaking English. On the flip side, there appear to be the benefits as well as speaking one of the Asian languages means more business opportunity in Asia for you.

  1. You’ll make more friends.

Asian languages are people-oriented because we’re talking about the most populous continent here. Making friends from Asia is great for many reasons. They can share a lot about their culture, they think differently, and they can help you with your travels to Asia. The bottom line is, having more friends is always great, regardless of their origin and language.

  1. You’ll become more outspoken and confident.

Learning any new language provides lots of benefits, from flexing your brain to making friends and having success at work, it also largely boosts your confidence. As you learn a new language (especially as complex as any of the Asian languages) and see the results of your work, you simply cannot resist the thought that you achieved something great.

Developing Oneself


There’s no better time spent than learning. It’s not only about spending your time efficiently and not only about gaining some new experiences. Learning a new language is a great opportunity to change your life for the better. As you become familiar with a foreign language, it gradually changes your worldview, and you look at things from a new and fresh perspective. At the same time, Asian cultures and languages, in particular, teach us to bother less about things that don’t matter as much and focus on ourselves.

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