6 Steps to Choosing the Right Wedding Invitation

Published - 26 July 2022, Tuesday
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Your wedding invitation is your visitors' first glimpse inside your wedding day, so make it stand out. With so many possibilities, finding the ideal invitation for the special day might be difficult. Not sure where to start? Here's all the wedding invitation advice you need. Image Source: Pexels

1. Pick a Colour Scheme

The colours and tones of your preferred colour scheme can serve as the foundation for your invitation design. Use the colour filters found in Internet catalogue to narrow down your selection of wedding invites. Remember that the colour of some designs can be changed to meet your specifications, so don't be afraid to contact your stationery provider before dismissing a design that doesn't have the precise navy blue or blush pink you're searching for.

2. Make it Legible

Loopy script typefaces and delicate handwriting are appealing, but they may be difficult to read. Before you approve a design, have a third party verify it to ensure they comprehend everything you're attempting to express. You don't want your guests to be confused since "a," "o," and "e" all look the same. When in doubt, choose a simpler text and use graphic elements like scrolls, flowers, and flourishes to add emotive touches.

3. Look Through a Variety of Designs

Even if you've always had a dream design, it's a great idea to explore around to see what else is available. You could be shocked by what you discover you like.

There are invites designed expressly for wedding venues, some with a more modern vibe and others with a rustic look that is ideal for saying "I do" in a yard or barn. Browse through flower invites, discover what a classic wedding invitation looks like, or focus on distinctive couture invitations.

4. Don't Crowd the Invitation Card

A packed invitation might be overwhelming. At best, it's unappealing; at worst, you provide so much flair and detail that your essential point gets buried. If your invitation seems like a novel, it's time to start deleting components until the specifics you care about have enough breathing room.

According to one research, having the appropriate amount of blank space between paragraphs and margins can increase understanding by up to 20%. That's a big leap when attempting to generate an experience, which is exactly what a wedding invitation should accomplish. Of course, it's also critical that your visitors easily discover the information they require. Don't be scared to leave out all the unnecessary stuff and leave the most important details.

5. Have Your Dates Right

Having the relevant dates on hand can help you determine when to send your wedding invitations and ensure that important information is included on your invites. Send out your wedding invites three months before the special day, giving yourself even more time if you're planning a destination wedding since your guests will need to book flights and accommodations. In order to give yourself enough time, ask your stationer how long it takes to print and ship wedding invitations.

Your RSVP deadline is also crucial, as you'll want to give your visitors approximately a month to respond to your invites. Set your RSVP deadline far enough ahead of the vendors' final deadline, so you have time to hunt down any unanswered invitations.

6. Consider Your Budget

When it pertains to your wedding budget, every cent counts, and the price of wedding stationery may quickly mount up, so keep your budget in mind when selecting your cards and keep an eye out for hidden fees. When making your budget, tally one invitation per home, not one per individual! Prices can vary based on the paper and style you select, and customized invitations tailored to your exact requirements will cost more than an online-personalised design.

If your fantasy wedding invites cost slightly more than expected, look for other methods to cut costs. Ordering your wedding invitations in advance will help you save money on shipping since you can use 2nd class stamps rather than paying for 1st class postage. Hand delivering invitations is also a wonderful way to save money on shipping, so get your invitations ready before the next family function.

Closing Thoughts

Generating your wedding vision isn't always simple because inspiration may come from a variety of sources, but perhaps following these tips for great wedding invitations can assist you in ticking your invitations off your list with ease.

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