6 Career Tips for College Graduates

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
  • College Graduate

Most of the best career tips aren't taught in college or discussed during official annual reviews. They're the invaluable bits of insight you tend to learn after graduating – occasionally too late.

One of the most exemplary guidance that experienced leaders can give to college students is hands-on, candid advice on what they certainly need to know to thrive in the "corporate world." Here are 6 Career Advice that college graduates can keep as a checklist:

1. Develop relationships

The business relationship is complex. Sometimes they are transactional; they only interact as a means to an end. Don't wait until you require a substantive discussion with your manager or other key executives. A crisis is a real inspiration for building relationships, so avoid building relationships in emergencies, but make them before they are required.

2. Managing Projects

Managing a project involves design, development and delivery. These are three skills with wide-ranging applicability, and in most situations, it will be tough to advance far with significant shortages in any of these three areas. Participate in some training initial and contemplate finding a professional who might be able to mentor you in these projects over a while offhandedly.

3. Be Proactive

This is such a modest way to differentiate yourself in the workplace, making a real impression on others. It's so easy to become that individual who is 5 minutes late to everything. It seems inoffensive. Instead of falling into this enticing trap, do the precise opposite--arrive 5-10 minutes early to everything. You'll stand out for all the right reasons.

4. Develop Skillset

Stay attuned to the high request skill sets in your industry or firm and develops excellent skills in a highly valued area. If you turn out to be the expert in the firm, you might find yourself working directly with the stakeholder on their projects that are coming in, and you will be able to prove yourself; this will give you visibility and a chance to grow.

5. Be responsive

When you obtain a mail, get in the practice of always replying within a few minutes. If you don't have all the info or need extra time to achieve the job, that's fine, but at least acknowledge the sender that you have received the mail, and you're working on it, with a possible time they can expect a complete answer.

6. Be Yourself

Inexperience can be an advantage, so use it, don't hold back on sharing a different idea or approach, or enquiring if there might be a better way. Your lack of "experience" could be the key to origination, so leverage that. If you've developed a prototype for tracking incoming orders or have used an excellent app for exploring merchants, share that with your team.

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