Worried about the impact of climate change on your kid's future?

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
  • Uncommon Courage

In our continuing effort to raise awareness to the plight of our earth and the generations ahead who will take the biggest hit, Aussie expat Andrea T Edwards who is based in Phuket, and often contributes to expat choice - has an open discussion with her husband in this podcast about how to map out a future for their kids. If you are a parent - find some tome to listen.

As parents, Steve and I talk a lot about the decisions we need to make today, from a climate emergency perspective, to ensure we can map out a secure future for our children - or as secure a future as is possible. In many ways, we’re lucky, because we have options to live in different parts of the world. The majority of humanity do not have these options, which is why it’s critical we act now to reduce the severity of the climate emergency. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE

We’re doing a terrible job with refugees now. How bad will it be when millions or billions of climate refugees turn up on our doorstep? We can not let that happen.

Every increase in temperature means an increase in impact on our children’s future lives, and while so much is unknown, and the outcomes uncertain, Steve and I are actively paying attention, so we can be prepared to make the right decisions for them. It’s definitely not about us. It’s all about them now.

So are you having the same conversations? Or perhaps it’s too confronting? When I first started having these conversations with Steve, it was definitely confronting for him. He wasn’t paying attention like I was, but as we’ve explored this more – especially in the last 12 months to two years - we are becoming more aligned on the need to make the right decisions now, to ensure they have the best chance in their future. This includes the skills they need to develop, how we speak to them about the climate emergency, and so much more.

We’d love to know if sharing this conversation with you is valuable, so please, drop me a line. You can find me @AndreaTEdwards or @UncommonCourage. Keen to talk and explore this topic more. I also know, that once you think about it from this point of view, you start to think about the climate emergency with a whole new lens. It gives you the impetus to act, because you do not want that for your children.

The job needs to be done now, not when they’re old enough. We’ll be out of time if we wait for the kids to grow up, and that is absolutely out of the question for me. It’s our job to do, all of us.


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