How to join Clubhouse, the hottest invite-only social media app

Published - 26 February 2021, Friday
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  • Clubhouse

Why are we seeing screenshots of the exclusive, by-invitation-only app Clubhouse on social media? Clubhouse isn’t new, came into itself in March 2020 but the alternative social media app recently spiked in popularity after Tesla founder Elon Musk hopped on it.

In a power move, Musk even invited Russian president Vladimir Putin to join the app via Twitter for a chat together. More importantly for now though what is Clubhouse all about, and how can you get a piece of this trending pie? iMAGE CREDIT: (Image credit: Unsplash/ Dmitry Mashkin)

A cross between TED Talk and a Podcast

While it is, in essence, a social media app, the app thrives on inviting prominent people to speak on the app, meet new like-minded people, and create conversation. Users can join and create “rooms” revolving around a particular topic, and admins and moderators can record their thoughts with a voice note, creating a conversation with the other admins and moderators.

You don’t have to contribute anything to the rooms if you’re just a participant. More often than not, as a participant, you won’t have a chance to speak unless you “raise” your hand to request to speak and move from the audience onto the stage, or the moderator invites you to speak. The goal here is that you get to listen to the conversation live and get expert insight into the topic of choice. 

Big names are on Clubhouse

When Clubhouse first launched, the developers banked on getting big names to join the app to create conversation. Way before Elon Musk joined, you had the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Chris Rock, and more dominating rooms and just speaking on topics relevant to their industry. If you want to go deep, there are also big names from the Silicon Valley speaking on the app, making it a very exclusive country club-esque for you to get tips and insights straight from the horse’s mouth. 

How to join

Unfortunately, this is the tricky part. You can’t just sign up for a Clubhouse account as you do with any other social media app. To join, you’ll have to be invited by an existing Clubhouse member. Part of the allure of the app is its exclusivity, even though there are already reportedly a million users on the platform. Each user only has two invites to dole out, so make sure you’re in someone’s good books. Now that every other person is on the app, it’s quite likely you’ll be able to get an invite easily. However, the app creators did mention that in the future, the app will be accessible to the public. 

For now, Clubhouse is only available on iOS.

What to do when you finally secure an invitation


When you finally get to join, you’ll be prompted to select a series of people in your contacts list to follow, and then a range of interests and topics to better help curate “rooms” for you to explore later on. In your main feed, you’ll see a selection of rooms that you can join based on your selected interests and people you followed. If you accidentally joined a room or found that the room you joined isn’t quite to your liking, you can always tap “leave quietly”. Its all very grown up.

You can also create your own room with friends to talk about any topic you’d like. Clubhouse is all about live conversations, so only those who are active at the moment can listen.LET ME WARN YOU HERE AND NOW, IT IS ADDICTIVE.

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