How To Fund Cambodian Kids' Education in Battambang, Cambodia with Battampore

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday

Cambodia has a shockingly 40 times lesser Gross Domestic product (GDP) per capita than Singapore, the country is easily one of the few places in Southeast Asia with the lowest GDP rates.

In the tourism-reliant Cambodia, the tourism sector accounts for over 30 percent of the country’s total GDP.  With travel to Cambodia currently restricted and borders shut, millions are left jobless, incomes quashed. Particularly in Battambang Province, far northwest of the country, unprecedented events have repeatedly dealt strong blows since the 1970s.


Previously a Khmer Rouge stronghold in the aftermath of the war, the rural province is at present, one of the poorest parts of Cambodia. With one  in every three people in Battambang under the age of 14, literacy is considered a luxury when in fact, it should be a right and responsibility that these kids are sadly not privy to.

Adding an endemic lack of infrastructure and private investment to the mix, Battambang’s smallest souls struggle to exit these vicious cycles of poverty they are entrapped in.


Our hearts go out to the kids of Battambang and larger Cambodia. While their situation may not be the best, at Expat Choice, we know we have several readers who would go above and beyond to help those in need.

Not-for-profit society Battampore aims to provide children in rural Cambodia an opportunity for lasting access to primary school education. Founded in 2019, Battampore has built itself, making use of the solid ecosystem established in the early 1980s by renowned Spanish missionary Kike Figaredo.


With the aim of improving  the lives of children in the Battambang province, Battampore has stepped up their  crowdfunding efforts. Currently in the midst of building the 17th school in the province, they hope to alleviate costs associated with building the school and providing quality education to the kids of Battambang.


These costs are anything but not limited to building future schools, hiring, training and employment of teachers, promoting the importance of education in villages to build awareness amongst families and providing children with educational materials and bicycles to bolster their education. A simple means of transport such as the bicycle ensures attendance in class as children can then  easily travel from village to school.


17 schools are currently under Battampore’s supervision, educating over 1.500 kids each day. No child should be left behind in their pursuit of basic education. Battampore continues to focus on growing the number of children cared for under the education system there. 

The new generation of Cambodians are diligent and willing to grow despite the hardships they have endured. They come to school with a smile on their faces and those smiles are incredibly priceless. With the right guidance and support, they have what it takes to build themselves a promising future.

Please do consider donating to Battampore

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