Gleneagles Commemorates a Century of Scottish Hospitality and Elegance

Published - 20 February 2024, Tuesday
  • Gleneagles Commemorates a Century of Scottish Hospitality and Elegance
  • Gleneagles Commemorates a Century of Scottish Hospitality and Elegance
  • Gleneagles Commemorates a Century of Scottish Hospitality and Elegance
  • Gleneagles Commemorates a Century of Scottish Hospitality and Elegance

Gleneagles, nestled in the gorgeous Ochil Hills of Perthshire, Scotland, is preparing to celebrate a century of renowned hospitality with a series of exclusive events and collaborations. Gleneagles is celebrating its 100th anniversary and is about to embark on a new chapter of innovation, elegance, and outdoor adventures.

Since its inception in 1924, Gleneagles has attracted the world's most selective visitors, including iconic personalities such as Sean Connery and Rita Hayworth, as well as contemporary luminaries such as Rory McIlroy and Stephen Spielberg. As it celebrates its centennial in 2024, Gleneagles will showcase a series of meticulously crafted experiences and products that embody 100 years of Scottish charm and hospitality.

Gleneagles x Barbour Jacket

Among the highlights of the centenary celebrations is the release of the Gleneagles x Barbour Jacket, a joint creation that combines the heritage of two iconic British businesses. This limited-edition Bedale jacket with bespoke centenary embellishments will be sold at Gleneagles Retail Arcade.

The festivities continue with the publication of a landmark coffee table book, "Gleneagles: The Glorious Playground," in collaboration with famous publisher Rizzoli. This enthralling volume digs into Gleneagles' illustrious history, capturing the essence of its opulent gatherings and enduring appeal.

Centenary Afternoon Tea

For culinary enthusiasts, Gleneagles offers the Centenary Afternoon Tea, a gastronomic voyage through a century of Scottish cuisine and culture. From classic terrines to trademark lobster sandwiches, visitors will experience exquisite flavours inspired by Gleneagles' rich history.

The Great Adventure Race (3 - 4 May 2024), a spectacular test of athleticism and natural beauty, is open to adventure fans. This year, participants can choose the Centenary Challenge, a 100-kilometer journey across Perthshire's magnificent landscapes that culminates in a celebratory celebration in Gleneagles.

Great Adventure Race, Summer Ballet Celebration and One Hundred Year Ball

The Summer Ballet Celebration (15 & 16 June 2024), which includes stunning performances by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, adds an air of refinement to the centenary festivities. Against the backdrop of Gleneagles' timeless charm, guests will enjoy a night of balletic splendour and pleasure.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The much-anticipated One Hundred Year Ball taking place on Saturday 7 September 2024, held in the majestic Gleneagles Ballroom, will round off the centenary celebrations. With extravagant food, live music, and entertainment, this elegant event is sure to be the highlight of the centenary calendar.

As it enters its second century of excellence, Gleneagles is the pinnacle of Scottish hospitality, combining tradition and innovation to create outstanding experiences for future generations. Join Gleneagles to celebrate 100 years of luxury, adventure, and timeless charm.

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