Dell Technologies Assists the Sagarmatha Next Centre in Its Fight Against Plastic Garbage on Mount Everest

Published - 07 September 2023, Thursday
  • Everest Trash

Dell Technologies has teamed up with The Sagarmatha Next Centre, a non-profit organisation located along the Everest climbing trail, to combat the growing issue of plastic garbage on Mount Everest. With around 80,000 adventurers visiting the region each year, the famed Mount Everest has seen an alarming accumulation of approximately 250 tonnes of rubbish each year.

Dell Technologies is actively supporting this eco-conscious project as part of their commitment to promoting a circular economy.

Sagarmatha Next

The Sagarmatha Next Centre, located at an elevation of 3,775 metres above sea level in Syangboche Namche Bazar on the way to Everest base camp, is a wonderful educational resource. It not only promotes awareness about the growing environmental concerns, but it also finds practical ways to alleviate the negative consequences of garbage disposal in this pristine region.

Dell Technologies, in conjunction with National Geographic Explorer Martin Edstrom, has played a critical role in this endeavour. They collaborated to create an engaging video illustrating the harmful impact of garbage on the Everest ecosystem. To enhance the visitor experience, the team outfitted the Sagarmatha Next Centre with cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality, interactive screens, and video projectors.

Here's how the Sagarmatha Next Centre uses Dell Technologies' innovations to raise awareness:

  • Digital Exhibition: Visitors can start on a digital trip, investigating every nook and cranny of the facilities before continuing their adventure.
  • Region Mapping: A thorough map highlighting the 17 various trekking routes going to Mount Everest base camp and other places throughout the region offers hikers with vital information.
  • Landfill Education: Guests learn about the more than 80 landfill sites distributed throughout the Mount Everest region and viable trash solutions.

Sagarmatha Next

The usage of Dell 55 4K Interactive Touch Monitors, powered by an OptiPlex Micro Form Factor PC, is a noteworthy aspect of the technology arrangement. These monitors include twenty-point InGlassTM Touch and palm rejection technology, allowing numerous guests to engage at the same time. The In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology offers constant colours and wide viewing angles even in intense midday sunshine at high altitudes.​​​​​​​

Martin Edstrom has produced a mesmerising VR experience powered and constructed using Dell Precision mobile computers for trekkers who may not be able to reach the summit's 8,850-meter peak. This virtual tour transports visitors to the awe-inspiring Everest peak, giving them a taste of what it's like to stand atop the world's highest mountain.


Dell Technologies' assistance extends beyond the deployment of technology. The company also donates to Sagarmatha Next's "Carry Me Back" project. Visitors are urged to put their newfound knowledge into practise when they leave the centre. The "Carry Me Back" campaign allows tourists to gather and deposit rubbish in designated bins, which are then carried to Kathmandu for recycling. Since its commencement in April 2022, this programme has successfully collected approximately 5,000 bags of rubbish, equivalent to 5,000 kg of waste, from Mount Everest, with a major percentage being recycled.​​​​​​​

In summary, Dell Technologies' work with Sagarmatha Next demonstrates the transformative power of sustainability, education, and technology. They are demonstrating that there are no limits to what can be accomplished when we work together to safeguard our planet's most spectacular natural wonders.

For more information on this incredible collaboration and the ongoing work to prevent plastic trash on Mount Everest, please visit the Sagarmatha Next Centre's website and Dell Technologies' sustainability page.




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