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The coronavirus lockdown put many people in a difficult situation. As they were not able to go out, going to an office to work became impossible. Also, organizations started to reduce costs as their profits decreased.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, to find a way forward, many companies started to hire more tech talent. As a result, organizations were not only able to survive the lockdown but also reshape the market.

With this in mind, it's important to say that being able to work from home has become a requirement to find new jobs. In that case, if you are currently unemployed and have no remote working skills, you will need to adapt.

Given these points, here are some job alternatives that will help you face unemployment during coronavirus. These alternatives will allow you not only to work from home but also to attract employers' attention and have better job opportunities.


Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for creating insights that allow organizations to make better decisions. Data scientists are not only able to analyze data but also to interpret and visualize it. They can plan more efficient strategies to help businesses attract and engage customers.

With more and more data being generated every day, the need for skilled employees like data scientists is continually growing. For that reason, if you're looking to get employed during these hard times, you should consider becoming a data scientist.

If you are spending a lot of time at home and you have plenty of free time, you should consider joining a bootcamp at Springboard. This school offers exceptional courses that will help you become a data scientist. Likewise, the company offers courses in other fields, such as UI/UX design and web development.

Their data science career track is designed to fit your needs. With only 20 hours per week, you will be able to learn enterprise-level skills in 24 weeks. Additionally, you will build an interview-ready portfolio of projects during the program. 

At Springboard, students receive support from personal mentors and career coaches. For that reason, after graduation, you'll be ready to overcome any challenge and succeed in your new career. 

As the company knows that dealing with expenses can be difficult, Springboard offers financing options to help students focus on learning. With this in mind, it's important to highlight that if you don't land a qualifying job within six months after graduation, your money will be refunded.

Given these points, I can assure you that enrolling in Springboard's coding bootcamp to become a data scientist is the right decision. 


Mobile Developer

Smartphones have become vital for people, as most people use them to do almost everything. Given that, the need for sophisticated applications that can transform the market and attract more customers has increased. Nowadays, organizations are hiring skilled mobile developers that can help them reach a bigger audience and increase their profit.

Becoming a mobile developer will help you face unemployment. This is not only because mobile developers are in-demand but also because they can be efficient remote workers. For that reason, employers are looking for developers who can design sophisticated solutions to provide unique experiences.

According to Indeed, the average salary for mobile developers is $125,000 in the US. So, what are you waiting for to become a Mobile Developer?

General Assembly is a coding school that offers many courses online. The company allows students to learn mobile development skills in its iOS Development program. In only 12 weeks, students learn how to use programming tools and develop an understanding of design concepts to translate them into real user-friendly apps.

After finishing the program, you will be ready to get a new job and face any challenge when it comes to iOS development. 


Cybersecurity Expert

Data is becoming precious for organizations around the globe. This is because more companies are using data to improve their processes and make critical decisions. Organizations must keep their information safe.

Years ago, most companies used local servers to store and keep their data safe. However, as nowadays cyberattacks are more sophisticated, the need for cybersecurity experts has increased. Cybersecurity experts are responsible for checking software and hardware to find vulnerabilities. In the same way, they are continually monitoring systems for any attack or intrusion. So, in other words, they are responsible not only for keeping a company's information safe but also for improving its security systems.

It's vital to point out that cybersecurity experts need to update their skills regularly to implement best practices. If you think this job is for you, you can become a cybersecurity engineer at Flatiron School.

Flatiron School offers an online cybersecurity course where you'll learn job-ready skills in only 16 weeks. Their program will prepare you to handle any kind of threat or cyber attack as you will be able to set traps and catch bad actors. In the same way, you'll learn analytical skills that will help you stand out from the competition.

Generally speaking, becoming a cybersecurity expert will allow you to have better job opportunities. But, as they have a lot on their shoulders, dealing with stressful situations is an everyday task. In that case, you'll need to keep a sharp mind to provide quick responses and avoid disastrous outcomes. 



As shown above, considering any of these alternatives will help you face unemployment and have a better lifestyle. Given that, dealing with expenses will no longer be a struggle. Likewise, it's vital to highlight that these job alternatives will allow you to be a part of the world's next workforce.


3 September 2020
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