How to Make Friends in College

Published - 09 August 2023, Wednesday
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There are major changes that take place in a student’s life as they progress from school to college and beyond – changes in their personality, changes in their thought process, and changes in their physical structure, and more.

While graduating from high school, they may have made a lot of friends. But now that they are starting college, they may not know anyone at all. They will have to adjust to a completely new atmosphere and try to make new friends all over again. If you are feeling anxious about starting college and making new friends, here are some tips to help you exactly how to go about it:

Appear friendly

You must show a willingness to make friends. If you are quiet and do not show a friendly demeanour, you might be taken for an arrogant and proud person. Others might stay away from you without knowing your personality. So, put in the effort to show yourself as an approachable person.

You can share a few jokes and anecdotes to break the ice and start the conversation rolling. 

Keep a smiling face

Give anyone a greeting and a smile in order to quickly adjust and make friends in the new environment. People like those who are cheerful and jolly; they feel more inclined to approach and be friends with such people.

Work hard at your grades

Do not be a non-serious student. When you come up with confident answers to the questions asked by your teacher, you are looked at with respect. Students in college are serious-minded students who are there to shape their future. So, they appreciate hardworking students and are quick to make friends with them. If you show yourself to be responsible and dedicated, others will wish for you to join their study group. Soon, you will have plenty of friends in no time.

Take an active part in discussions

Debates and discussions are a common and regular part of the class. It’s good for you to participate in these types of discussions actively. This way, more and more students will get to know you and your point of view. Even teachers like students who make the discussions lively and creative, and your participation will put you in the good books of both teachers and students.

Be good at sharing 

It matters a lot to students of this age that you are willing to share notes or project ideas or your lunch. When you are working in a group, try to help others out. You might have notes that others would like to go through. Or they might ask you to assist them with their studies. If anyone asks whether you know of cheap essay help online, this is your golden opportunity to share your knowledge and make friends.

It always helps to help out a fellow student. If you tutor them, it profits both of you.

Enjoy being together in the cafeteria

Students relax in the cafeteria and like to sit down with their friends to unwind. When it’s time for lunch, don’t sit by yourself in one corner of the café. Take the initiative to sit down with your classmates and strike up a conversation.   

You should also try to be on friendly terms with your seniors since they are the ones who can help you know your way about. Once you make them your friends, they can help you tremendously in your studies.

Life at college becomes a memorable time when you enjoy learning with good friends. So, put your best foot forward in making friends with a bond that will last forever.  

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