7 Safety Tips to Teach Your Teens Behind the Wheel

Published - 13 September 2022, Tuesday
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Every teen dreams of getting a driver’s license. For them, it is one big step towards becoming independent people. As soon as they get that license, they can’t wait to get behind the wheel and enjoy their newfound freedom. But as a parent, you have a duty to ensure that your teenage child is safe while driving. You must teach them the discipline that comes with being a good driver. The earlier you do this the better for you and your teenager.

1. Be a Role Model

This is hard but it is one of the best tips when it comes to teaching your teens behind the wheel. Bad habits are as infectious as good ones. Your child will emulate everything you do while driving. You may not realise it immediately but it will eventually happen. If you text, make or receive calls while driving in the presence of your children, you don’t expect them to do better when they start driving on their own.

You should demonstrate appropriate driving habits in front of your teens. Talk to them about the importance of following traffic rules and correcting any bad behaviour you pick out from them. You have a lot of influence over your teenage children when it comes to driving safely on the road.

2. Vehicle Familiarity

It is important for your teenager to get comfortable in the vehicle they are driving. Teach them each and every aspect of the vehicle. They should learn how to properly make adjustments to the rearview mirror, adjust seats, check all the dashboard indicators and buckle up.

Additionally, your teens should be able to locate the battery in the car, pump gas, know how to change tyres, and understand routine maintenance. Learning these may appear unnecessary to a teenager but the more they get educated the more they become responsible drivers.

3. Distractions

Reducing destruction in the car helps the driver to focus more on the road. Eating, drinking receiving and making calls, texting and listening to loud music can easily divert the attention of your teen while driving. A recent survey revealed that teens are six times more likely to cause an accident while dialing and 20 times more while texting. Teach your children to learn how to avoid destruction and focus on the steering wheel while.

4. Speeding

Most teens love driving at high speed oblivious of the dangers that come with such actions. As they gain confidence on the road, they tend to drive even much faster. When you are driving with your teenager, try to find out if they know the correct speed limit. Review the speed limit that they are supposed to drive within near schools, neighbourhoods, and construction zones.

5. Accident lawyers

Sometimes it may it is difficult to avoid accidents. Some accidents happen not because of a driver’s negligence but due to weather conditions or the mistake of another driver. As such, it is important for your teen to know what to do in case of a road accident.

If you live in Texas, for instance, one of the first things to do after an accident is to contact a Houston car accident lawyer. This is the only sure way of getting justice through compensation. An experienced lawyer will gather all necessary evidence and present a strong case in court.

6. Seat Belts

Vehicles are normally fitted with seat belts for a reason. They are not there are part of the decorations. Unfortunately, many people don’t buckle up even with the terrible videos shown to demonstrate how dummies a thrown forward when not wearing seat belts.

You may try to justify yourself that you are driving on a highway. Statistics have shown that buckling up minimises deaths and injuries in case of a car accident. It is good to advise your teens to always put on seat belts whenever they are driving.

7. Drunk Driving

Lastly, you should inform your teens about the dangers of drunk driving. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can lead to serious accidents. They should also know being charged with a DUI offence can have far-reaching effects on their lives.

Closing Remarks

In a nutshell, you have a huge responsibility to ensure that your teens turn out to be responsible drivers. The above-mentioned tips can be helpful when it comes to teaching teens how to be good drivers.

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