7 Important Things Couples Should Have in Common

Published - 09 May 2022, Monday
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Committing to a relationship can be a big step in your life. Ensuring that you’ve done your homework before jumping into a serious relationship can improve your chances for a successful union. Getting to know what makes your partner tick as well as discussing serious topics and shared interests will provide an outlook for the future success of your relationship. Take a look at the seven important things happy couples have in common. Image Source: Pexels

1. Personal Values

While differences in some interpersonal issues may be welcome in a partner, others are too significant to overlook. A shared value system is imperative to the success of a romantic relationship. Our value systems are made up of our religious beliefs, political leanings, and opinions on societal issues. No party in a romantic relationship should ever be expected to compromise their value system. As such, choosing a partner with a value system that aligns with your own is integral to the relationship’s longevity.

2. Vision for the Future

As important as your value system is, so too is your shared vision for the future. Whether your outlook includes children, travel, personal goals, and beyond, it’s a good idea to choose a partner whose vision for the future is commensurate with yours. Considering how and where you’ll live as well as how you’ll divide responsibilities in the future, will help you to avoid dissatisfaction or resentment in the future.

3. Family Connectivity

A shared sense of family values is important in any relationship. It’s inconsequential if your family sizes and dynamics are different. However, you and your partner must have a shared perception of the role extended family will play in your shared lives. For instance, if one partner expects to spend unlimited time with their family and the other partner prefers less family involvement, a long-term relationship will be difficult to maintain.

4. Level of Sociability

Assessing each other’s personality types and finding common ground is uber important in a relationship. An extroverted person who enjoys going out and surrounding him or herself with friends may be an uncomfortable reality for an introverted, homebody who prefers snuggling up on the couch with a good rom-com. A disconnect in a couple’s level of sociability could lead to future disagreements, so partners must have this in common.

5. Shared Interests and Hobbies

If you’re finding your dates on sites specific to shared interests, you can easily ensure you’ll find a partner with similar interests and hobbies. For instance, a country dating site will put you in contact with potential suitors that share the same interest in the simple, country life. Although it's healthy to maintain individual hobbies and interests, connecting over one will allow a couple to come together with a shared hobby. Even if it’s a hobby you discover together, and not necessarily one you have in common to begin with, sharing a hobby is healthy for any relationship.

6. Attitude Towards Finances

Undoubtedly, finances are the signal biggest stressor in any relationship. Discussing financial matters such as planning for retirement, where to allocate funds, how to equitably share financial responsibilities, who will be responsible for managing the finances, and so on, are all topics to discuss before committing to a shared life together. One of the best things for couples to have in common is their ideas on how to handle finances.

7. Matching Each Other’s Ambition

Nothing is more infuriating in a relationship for an ambitious go-getter than having an indolent partner who’s happy with the status quo. Likewise, a chill partner who likes to take it easy might be turned off by a partner who’s always on the go. Surely, one way isn’t superior to the other, but finding a partner who matches your energy and ambition will make for smooth sailing in your relationship.​​​​​​​


Although there are plenty of areas in a relationship where partners can functionally flourish with differences of opinion, having a common outlook on the paramount issues in life lays the foundation for a strong and happy relationship. Whether it's a lifestyle, financial, familial, political, or social issue, having mutual ideals and beliefs is integral to a long-lasting, healthy relationship.


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