4 Yoga Poses To Do With Proper Alignment To Prevent Injury

Published - 29 January 2023, Sunday
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Yoga is the best way for you to stay mentally and physically fit. It improves your overall level of wellness and develop a positive outlook in life. The one thing you should follow when doing yoga is to know the right body alignment and position.

The slightest misalignment can lead to unbearable pain and discomfort and prevent you from practising yoga. Moreover, as a result of poor body posture, misalignment is often the result. Just a lack of focus can push your body in the wrong direction and cause a serious injury. Unfortunately, the majority of times you would know about this is when you experience intense pain during a yoga session.

Do you know there are some yoga poses which if done incorrectly can lead to a serious injury? You should enroll in a reputed YTT program to know the right body alignment technique.

4 Yoga Poses To Do With Utmost Attention

Given below are 4 yoga poses which you should practice only after having complete information about the right body alignment and posture.

1. Downward Dog Pose

The best yoga asanas that gives your hamstrings and lumbar region a good stretch. It also strengthens your shoulders. Unfortunately, if you do not follow the right body alignment it can lead to compression and soreness in your wrist, shoulders, and lower back. The yoga experts at YTT have come up with two areas you should pay more attention to when doing this yoga pose.

Pay Attention To

  • A Short Stance

    A shorter stance leads to the entire weight being put on your upper body. This leads to a shoulder injury and also strains your wrists. It can also cause rounded back and a deep bend at the wrists.

  • Chest Dipping

    As your flexibility increases with Downward Dog pose, you would try to press the chest down to the floor or yoga mat. What this does is create unnecessary compression in your lower back. In the long run, this becomes a cause for you suffering from Sciatica, and shoulder strain.

2. Warrior Pose

The Warrior Pose is an effective yoga asana that provides you benefits like strengthening your shoulders, legs, arms, ankles, and back. You can learn more about doing this yoga pose the right way under a skilled yoga teacher. Given below are two things you should always keep in mind when doing this yoga pose.

Pay Attention To

  • Knee To Toe Alignment

    If your knee is too far forward and over your front foot, it can damage your knee or ankle. In the same way, if your knee is leaning internally then it places the medial ligaments under too much stress. In short, this weakens your body's entire joint system.

  • Low Back Dip

    There is a common tendency to let go of your tummy during the Warrior Pose. This only increases the risk of lower back strain.

3. Locust Pose​​​​​​​

One thing you should always remember when practicing the Locust Pose is it is always about length and activity. A common mistake you might commit in this pose is go into backbends without checking your body alignment. Given below are two things you should pay attention to when doing the Locust Pose.

Pay Attention To

  • Over-Arching The Neck

    Lifting your chin up to follow the eyes during this yoga asana causes neck strain. This further leads to headaches.

  • Floppy Feet & Hands

    If your hands and feet are engaged, chances are your core muscles are not that engaged. In the long run, this will lead to back strain. Enroll in a reputed YTT program to learn the right way of doing the Locust Pose.

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4. Low Plank Pose

Improper practice of this yoga pose can lead to strained wrists, lower backache, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shooting pain in your elbows. Yoga experts have come up with two factors you should pay attention to when doing this yoga asana.

Pay Attention To

  • Deep Wrist Angle

    When your wrists are far too forward and elbows pointing out to the forearms and not at an angle of 90 degrees.

  • Dipping

    Your chest or hips dipping down towards the floor can lead to strain in your elbow, shoulders, and wrists. Moreover, if your hips are pointing upwards towards the sky it can cause a dip in your lower back and cause unnecessary strain.


Yoga is a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy. However, you should enroll in a reputed YTT program to learn the techniques to safely practice yoga.

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