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3 May 2018
"In early 2017 I've decided to enrol my daughter Jada who was 2yrs old very shy didn't get close to anyone and as a mum I wanted her to be more confident and not afraid. After one term in Mini classes she wasn't the same girl � I couldn't believe my eyes socially she opened up, she is very confident jumps around singing and dancing not afraid to speak her mind and interacting with other kids in and out of class, she absolutely loves going to classes and I love seeing her happy.. Robyn is a great teacher she is passionate, supportive and understand each kid's needs. Thank you very much Robyn for helping me tranform Jada to a strong little champion. If you have a bubba who needs to get out of their shell I 100 % recommend Mini classes try it out and you won't regret it " Sofia Beshir reviewed Mini Maestros – 5 stars on Facebook


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