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11 June 2018
This is fantastic and loving the reviews.


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402 reviews
1 June 2018
"I knew what I wanted for my first birth and did whatever I could to prepare myself e.g. taking antenatal classes at Four trimesters. Ginny was a fantastic facilitator and knowledgeable about all things birth-related, and we came home with lots of useful tools such as breathing techniques and Spinning Babies exercises to prepare for the birth. Attending the classes strengthened my conviction to have a natural drug-free birth and we were well-resourced to draw up our birth plan. Honestly, engaging a doula was the best decision I made. Having Eve, our birth doula, by our side throughout the 26 hours of labour had allowed us to welcome our baby to the world just the way we wanted; a gentle, natural drug-free birth. She was my strongest advocate, enabler and pillar of strength in the delivery room, and had supported us with her kind words and wise advice before and after the birth itself. Because of her presence, we could stay true to our birth plan and had an intense yet delirious birth experience that gave me the conviction that I could surmount anything, and that helped me through many other depressing and helpless moments in this motherhood journey. Breastfeeding was another uphill journey that daunted me as a first time mother as I never expected it to be so challenging and painful. Amidst the many doubtful comments and unhelpful influences, both Eve and Sherry, our postpartum doula, played a critical role in getting me through the hardest moments when I almost gave up. It meant having to respond to anxious queries about every little thing we weren't sure about, making urgent visits when feeding wasn't going well or I was down with engorgement, blocked ducts, mastitis and the like, and helping us navigate through the flood of information that family, friends and the Internet were offering. Thankfully by now, I have a well-established nursing relationship and that has been the most beautiful and wonderful gift in bonding mother and child. Sherry's postpartum support has also been helpful for us to gain confidence and finesse as parents, and gave us the tools to make decisions in the best interest of our baby. It had me wondering how other parents coped with similar issues without this kind of support, and just how much difference it would have made if only they had the right people to turn to. I know most people only hear of horror stories about childbirth but it need not be so if one is intentional about seeking the right resources, which can then pave the way for many other great things. I do highly recommend Four Trimesters for their doula services and antenatal classes so that parents will be able to create a different narrative for themselves about birth and parenthood." Applie Wan reviewed Four Trimesters – 5 stars on Facebook


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