How to Plan a Photoshoot with Your Children

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
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Photographing children is a pleasurable hobby that may be enjoyed by all involved. It is because children are uninhibited and unafraid to express their emotions.

We've come up with some inventive and exciting photo session ideas that will have your little munchkins flashing their pearly whites all day long, not just for the shots. Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

1. Take into Account Your Child's Style

It's essential to feel comfortable in your clothing, which is why you should consider the likes of making sure your child is happy with what they have on. For example, you can pick out comfortable vintage style children's clothing for them to wear in their pictures. Not only will this increase cooperation among your children, but it will also be a more authentic picture of your family.

Therefore, choose something they're likely to wear daily. If they prefer pants over dresses or skirts, do not compel them to wear one for the photos. If you're undecided, you may always ask your child what they want to wear. This way, you can be certain they'll be pleased and comfortable, and they'll be more inclined to continue wearing it long after the photography is over.

2. Photograph at Golden Hours

You're probably wondering what golden hour is. What does this entail? The term "golden hour" refers to the ideal moment to do anything permanently without encountering any obstacles. Now, in the context of photography, the golden hour is often considered in the morning or afternoon. Choose an appropriate moment and pose with your baby. Because that time of year is pastel, it is ideal for your most delicate clicks, and it is also not gloomy.

A trip to the beach is enjoyable for children of all ages. Depending on the time of day, you may choose the tone of the shot. If it's serious, go for a sunrise/sunset. Go mid-day if you want to make it all about joy and colour. Add a beach ball and let your children go wild!

3. Coordinate the Ensembles

To bring the shot together, you should match the attire of your whole family. This might entail clothing your children in the same clothes, but this may not always be viable if you have a mix of males and girls, children with a significant age difference, or even children with very distinct styles.

Rather than that, choose comparable or complementing ensembles: for instance, you might choose clothes with the same materials or designs. You and your spouse may even wear a fashionable design, while your children wear an outfit that incorporates the pattern's colours for a more subtle match. Additionally, this will provide you with more flexibility in finding something that everyone will like to wear.

4. Incorporate Balloons

Balloons may be a simple way to add a burst of color and a touch of glitter to your photographs. Consider using red or pink heart-shaped balloons to add a feminine touch to the images. The amount of balloons accessible closely correlates with the intensity of smiles and happiness. The greater the quantity, the happy you will be!

Additionally, bath time is ideal for a picture session for both boys and girls. Ensure that you add enough soap to create a large, foamy bath. Your children will be so excited by the abundance of bubbles that they will quickly shed their photo shyness.

5. Remove Yourself from the Path

Nothing suffocates fun more than an overbearing adult. If you want a timid youngster to relax, avoid standing too near and attempt to be as unobtrusive as possible. Never, ever instruct the youngster what to do. If you want to experiment with a new toy, give it to one of the parents to introduce. By physically separating oneself from the scenario in this manner, you increase your chances of seeing and recording natural behaviour.

If your kid is behaving differently than you anticipated or wanted, take it as a chance to learn about their personality. While many photographers want to capture enthusiastic delight and enthusiasm, other youngsters are more quiet and contemplative, even while playing. They may not grin at the camera, but they exhibit other worthwhile feelings, such as curiosity.


Individuals should not wait for special events to photograph their loved ones. Particularly while parenting a kid, you will want to cherish every minute. Therefore, why not plan a themed photo shoot? You might choose cartoon character outfits since this is something that every youngster enjoys throughout their childhood.


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