10 Essentials for First Time Mums

Published - 10 August 2023, Thursday
  • 10 Essentials for First Time Mums

Babies need a lot of things! Utilise our list of must-have baby products to stock up on essentials for the birth to age one period. Additionally, you may like to examine our list of nice-to-have goods that might help make daily living with your newborn a little bit simpler. Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

1. Diapers

Newborns poop often. And then some further. Therefore, whether you choose disposable diapers or cloth diapers, ensure that you have enough diapers. On a lengthy journey, running out of them is the stuff of nightmares.

2. Diaper Bag

Get one you're not ashamed to call your purse. Going for neutral colours like a black diaper bag will allow you to carry it every day with every outfit. Consolidate your kit and your infant by investing in a diaper bag that serves as a personal bag. If the bag has plenty of pockets, a washable matte surface, and is readily attachable to your stroller, you're set. This model even has a detachable changing pad.

3. Car Seat

While a secure car seat is required, you may pick between an infant or convertible car seat for your baby. Following that is a convertible car seat, followed by a booster seat. As tempting as it may seem, avoid the urge to purchase a secondhand car seat. Safety laws have evolved, and you must have one that complies with all current requirements. Additionally, you may be unaware whether a used seat has been involved in an accident and should no longer be utilised. Discover more about selecting and using a car seat.

4. Bottles for Feeding

You will not need many if you are breastfeeding the child. Otherwise, you will need around ten bottles every day. This figure seems inflated in light of the possibility of cleaning and reusing the bottles. On the other hand, having a few spares will save you the time required to wash them often. Choose full-size bottles since the infant will quickly outgrow the little ones.

5. A Trustworthy Breast Pump

Even if you have no plans to return to work anytime soon, you're going to want to invest in a breast pump immediately. If you have early difficulties with milk production, a pump will become your closest friend (also the worst enemy). And if you don't, you may use it to fill your freezer enough to allow others to feed your kid while you take a break. Best of all, health insurance covers the entire cost of specific pumps and a portion of the cost of others.

6. Maxi-pads

This one is dedicated to new mums. For the post-delivery time, purchase two packets of ultra-absorbent maxi-pads. You should be able to stop using the pads after two or three weeks, so stock up on panty liners as well.

7. Crib and Mattress for the Crib

Many new parents do not immediately utilise a full-sized crib. However, you'll undoubtedly want to transition your baby into a crib once she outgrows the bassinet, so it's beneficial to purchase one in advance and have it set up, complete with a trustworthy crib mattress.

8. Highchair

Mealtimes with a newborn will undoubtedly be messy. Avocado will be splattered over the seat surface, pureed squash spread across the tray, and Cheerio crumbs will seep into every crack. While soft textiles seem comfortable, ensure that they can be washed clean with a damp cloth—you don't want to be stuck doing laundry after each feeding. Additionally, it's convenient to clean the high chair tray in your dishwasher easily.

9. Breast Milk Storage Bags

While you may pump milk directly into a bottle, many women choose to utilise specially designed plastic breast milk storage bags that take up little freezer space and are defrosted. The quantity of bags required is determined by how often you intend to pump. Begin with one box and add additional as needed.

10. Humidifier

Congestion may be alleviated by running a humidifier in your baby's room. Because it gives moisture to the air, it may also aid in treating dry, chapped skin. Clean the equipment often to avoid introducing mould into the air.


According to research, a woman prepared for delivery has a greater chance of having easier labour: Childbirth education may help women navigate pregnancy and delivery more efficiently and ensure a safe, healthy birth. Pregnancy is a complicated process that is rife with anxiety and misunderstanding.

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