What You Need to Consider Beyond Counting Calories

Published - 24 March 2021, Wednesday

Counting calories! Urgh?! It seems so deceptively simple, but why do so many of us "fail" at it? It's because a calorie isn't just a calorie.

Our bodies are adapted to crave certain foods in certain conditions. Feeling lethargic and overwhelmed? Well, guess what? You're going to crave sugar because it's the faster way for your body to gain energy.

In this video, I talk about the different factors that affect how your body accepts food. It completely blows the notion of calories in calories out of the water and deepens our relationship with our bodies.

Elika is a Health Coach, Nutritionist & Food Consultant helping time-constrained individuals to prevent burnout, lose weight, boost energy, feel more confident and save time through exciting, healthy food and sustainable lifestyle practices

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