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Image Credit: Alchemy Consultancy Services Facebook Page

A new way of life is upon us, Uncertainly looms, yet as a race we strive to overcome adversity and hope for answers. Superstition, also plays a part in understanding what things mean.

Maybe it is time to tap into your Spiritual Side and experience Divination in Singapore. While divination certainly isn’t cut and dry - what is, anymore - if you would like to tap into the cosmic side of things with some Reiki, Tarot Card Readings, Feng Shui, or Crystal Healing, we’ve compiled the best recommendations from our expat contributors – so go ahead, tap into your spiritual side.


Tarot Reading

TARA - Light within

Image Credit: 'Tara Light Within' : Facebook Page

One of the more well-known forms of fortune-telling, Tarot card reading started off as an Italian card game but soon grew to have more spiritual significance. The cards aren’t just pretty pictures though, and allow us to gain a better insight of ourselves and the world around us. The Tarot reader will interpret the cards picked in response to your questions or information sought. Tarot Mamta has done Tarot card readings for over twelve years at Tara Light Within, and she can even guide you in the art of Tarot Reading if you are interested.

A. 38 Lor 23 Geylang, Singapore 388372

E. [email protected]

T. +65 9749 9287

W. tarotinsingaporeonline.business.site/

S. www.facebook.com/TarotInSingapore/


Crystal Energising

Gypsee Jenny

Image Credit: Gypsee Jenny: Psychic, Healer, Spiritual Teacher Facebook Page

With the advent of quantum physics, and positive and negative energy holding more weight in the recent past, crystal energising has gained popularity. It is believed that crystals have many healing properties, however, they can absorb negative and positive energies along the way, so it’s important to cleanse and energise them. You can send your crystals to be cleansed and energized at Master Jenny. Note that the price will vary based on size and weight.

E. [email protected]

T. +65 9021 8558

W. www.gypseejenny.com



Alchemy Consultancy Services

Image Credit: Alchemy Consultancy Services Facebook Page

Numerology is the belief in a divine or mystical relationship between a number and coinciding events. Alchemy Consultancy Services numerologists believe that numbers can help answer questions about yourself, as well as provide a unique profile for you, revealing your strengths and challenges, using your birthdate. They go beyond the quantitative reality of a number to unveil its qualitative nature. You can get a one-hour Astro-Numerology Birth Chart Analysis for $250 at Alchemy Consultancy Services.

A. 190 Middle Rd, Singapore 188979

E. [email protected]

T. +65 9366 0272

W. www.alchemyconsultancyservices.com/bookings

S. www.facebook.com/alchemyconsultan


Feng Shui

David Tong


Also known as Chinese geomancy, Feng Shui originated in ancient China, and uses energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surroundings. Feng Shui practice discusses architecture in terms of "invisible forces" that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as qi. However, it isn’t all hocus pocus. Consultant David Tong believes that Classical Feng Shui is an art and a science, he also doesn’t believe in selling products. The best result will come from placement of key furniture, and location and direction of the property.

A. 571 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534798

E. [email protected]

T. +65 9829 9670

W. cmgconsulting.com.sg/

S. www.facebook.com/DavidTongFanPage



Reiki Glow Singapore

Image Credit: Reiki Glow Singapore Facebook Page

Reiki comes from the Japanese word for describing the universal life force energy, and is a form on alternative medicine. With Reiki, you can harness this energy to bring healing to your mind, body, and emotions, and complements other forms of treatment or therapy that one may be undergoing. Reiki Glow suggests you benefit the most from using Reiki as a complementary therapy. Elaine Victoria Yang has been a Reiki healer since 2011, and also conducts workshops if you would like to get started on your journey as a healer.

A. 37 Tembeling Rd, Singapore 423580

T. +65 9488 2454

W. www.reiki-glow.com/

S. www.facebook.com/reikiglowEY/



Lynda Woolf

Image Credit: Lynda Woolf Website

While most imagine Sherlock Holmes’ like gimmicks when it comes to clairvoyance, mediums and psychics use their gifts to see events from both the past and the future in order to bring you to the best way to navigate your life, in the most positive way possible. Lynda Woolf is a real-life Patrick Jane, who has even worked with the FBI. She utilizes all of her senses to first give her reading and have the client ask questions in the end. If you’re too spooked for a visit in-person, you can book an online half hour session at $125.

A. 19 Shelford Road 288408

E. [email protected]

T. +65 9832 8925

W. www.lyndawoolf.com

S. www.facebook.com/lynda.woolf.1




Image Credit: Master Chuan Facebook Page

Known in pop culture as palm reading, palmistry involves evaluating a person’s character or future based on the lines and mounts on one’s hands. Understanding your character can help you utilize your strengths and weakness effectively, and avoid falling into the same old mistakes. If you’re intrigued by what your hand says about you, Master Chuan uses a combination of Chinese astrology and palmistry; an hour reading starts at $120. 

E. [email protected]

T. +65 9818 8981

W. www.chuanonline.com/

S. www.facebook.com/Master-Chuan-14


6 April 2020
Crystals have many healing properties that can benefit us in our daily lives and overall well-being, but it is important that we rid them of negative energies. All crystals carry within them energies, For example, they are carved out of caves before being sent to the factories, where they are touched by the wholesalers or suppliers, before landing in the consumers’ hands. Some of the places where the crystals happen to be at could have negative energies that they end up absorbing. Cleansed and energized crystals are more empowered to be in harmony with the energy field of the owners, allowing him or her to benefit from its healing properties better.


Alchemy Consultancy Services
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6 April 2020
The mission is to empower people to achieve happiness, love, success and abundance by utilizing and teaching them the ancient wisdom of Metaphysics (Meta-physics also known as “Beyond Physics”).