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1690 reviews
13 June 2019
Always recommend these people. High quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.


108 reviews
13 June 2019
I was involved with my bike in a car accident in 2016. After a month with no improvement on my knee, I was sent to PhysioActive. My therapist – Liam McGinley, was very honest about my condition and suggested that surgery might be required. I was referred to a doctor where I was diagnosed with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, medial collateral ligament (MCL) tear, medial meniscus tear with patella and articular cartilage injury. One month later, I had surgery on my right knee. Initially, I was not allowed to put any weight on the operated leg for four weeks, so I had massage, lymphatic drainage and basic home exercises. I was then taught how to walk on crutches and eventually, walk independently. Regaining my movement, I visited PhysioActive at their Camden clinic twice weekly and then once weekly for postsurgical rehabilitation. Without the professional knowledge of my therapist, I would not be where I am now. The constant mental support also helps me to get better and better. I am now able to jog and cycle with no issues. Thank you PhysioActive! And special thanks to Liam McGinley Barbara Tenius reviewed PhysioActive – 5 star on FaceBook I had surgeries for torn tendons and bone spurs on my right and left shoulders several years apart and both times was referred to PhysioActive by my surgeon. Both times I was extremely satisfied with my recoveries. After the most recent surgery, Liam handled the therapy, focusing initially on range of motion and then combining it with strength. He gave me a good mix of stretches and exercises to do between sessions and adjusted these as I progressed. A few months on and I was back to my normal routine. I would recommend PhysioActive! . Jeffrey Hardee recommends PhysioActive on FaceBook Brigitte has helped me transform my life. I started going to see Brigitte two years ago after trying different Physio clinics around Singapore This is my story: I was in chronic pain on the right side of my body for over one year. I also could not sit on hard surfaces as that triggered even more pain. I was constantly feeling depressed. In addition I had a neuroma in my right foot that I had surgically removed. I was also taking pain medication. With high expertise and much patience Brigitte started treating me. She would teach me about my posture, muscular imbalances, stretches and strengthening exercises. She would also do dry needling in the areas where she felt it was needed. I always felt I was in great hands. Now I am a completely different person. I can sit wherever I want. I can exercise with no pain. I am constantly in a happy mood. I take no pain medication. My foot is much better. I have learned so much about my body. I have been extremely lucky to have found Brigitte. I continue to go to Brigitte but no longer as a pain patient. I go for strengthening and maintenance. I continue to learn and get stronger. I definitely had a star watching over me. Thank you Brigitte Raquel Crippa reviewed PhysioActive – 5 star on FaceBook