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4 July 2019
I had fallen 5 times since Jan 18 on the same knee. By early Jun, I was limping badly & each step I took was painful. My husband suggested that I drop by Total Health Chiropractic which was near where we stayed. At the first visit & the very first adjustment, I could see results already. I had X-rays taken and Dr. Dino, the senior chiropractor, found issues with my spine due to my poor posture over the years looking down at my laptop at work. He rated me between 2 and 3 (with 3 being the worst) & recommended a 9 month long adjustment session. I did not hesitate to sign on as the misaligned spine and knee will give me more problems as I get older which could lead to surgery. My neck was very stiff & after just one adjustment, I had better range of movement there!! In the first 4 adjustments, I was walking much better with little pain. Now after 2 months, I am walking normally but walking a long distance takes a while as it will take time for adjustments to kick in. I have had physiotherapy before & I found that a good chiropractor beats physiotherapy hands down anytime in achieving results!! I am very grateful to Dr. Dino and Dr. Illaria at the Toa Payoh clinic who were both very patient with me. Their expertise & dedication & those of their staff there- A Big Thank You!! I will keep going to the sessions to get my health & spine back on track. :) Special Thanks to Dr. Dino who explained my issues in layman's terms and his great adjustments too! I have no regrets taking the package. I highly recommend the clinic and the chiropractors. SG Tsc reviewed Total Health Chiropractic – 5 star on Facebook Thanks Dr. Tim, Dr. Ryan, Dr. David and everyone at Total Health Chiropractic. You are a great team and we felt much better after spending time at your clinic. I know it's an ongoing process but I know, under your guidance and care, my lower back and "phone neck" will regain their proper function and health. Thanks once again, guys! Tim Tan reviewed Total Health Chiropractic – 5 star on Facebook


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15 August 2017
Fantastic article and video from Tim. One of the most trusted Chiropractor I keep hearing about. Getting you back in a state of balance. Exercising the body as it;s designed to keep moving and so much sit in front of a computer all day.


Thank you Richard!
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