5 Indications Your Child Needs Braces

Published - 25 May 2021, Tuesday
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Braces can help sort out the issues with an overbite, underbite, open bite, spacing and teeth crowding. The problem is that while their child may have a problem with one or several of these issues, a lot of parents don’t notice this in time.

Such a thing may cause several difficulties in the future. In order not to allow this to happen to your kid, here are the top five indications that your child needs braces.

  1. Irregular loss of baby teeth

In general, baby teeth usually fall out around the age of 6. The majority of them grow between 6 months of age and 3 years. By this time, 20 baby teeth will grow. These teeth are all supposed to come out by the age of 12 and will later get replaced by 32 permanent teeth. If these teeth start falling out too early or don’t fall out after their expected mark, chances are that your child will need dental intervention. Getting braces is one of the solutions.

  1. Difficulty chewing

Another thing you need to understand is that if your child has difficulty chewing, that’s because they may need braces. If the child is old enough, they may be able to verbalize or otherwise express this concern. If not, you should observe them while they eat. If they’re chewing slowly or gagging when they try to swallow (because the food wasn’t chewed efficiently), this may be the case. If there’s food left in their mouth, this too may be a sign. In time, if not treated, this can lead to some feeding and swallowing disorders in children.

  1. Biting cheeks

Cheek biting is quite uncomfortable but it’s also an indicator of a larger problem. Noticing blood on the bitemarks of their food is one way to tell that they’re biting cheeks. Once again, observe them while they eat. If they make a painful grimace several times during the meal, this too can be an indicator. Then again, you can always ask them to open their mouth for an inspection. If there are visible marks of cheek biting, orthodontics for children will solve the problem.

  1. Overcrowded teeth

There are a lot of indicators that your child’s teeth are overcrowded. Some of these symptoms, like difficulty in chewing food are something that we’ve already discussed as a standalone. Other than this, if they have trouble flossing, if their teeth are getting crooked and if they’re starting to develop bad breath, you may need to take them to the dentist. Another thing worth keeping in mind is the likelihood that they’ll develop speech problems.

  1. Mouth breathing

When it comes to mouth breathing, there are several different reasons why this may happen to your child. First, their nose might be blocked due to allergies. A family cat is a common reason if this is a constant issue with your child and not just a fluke. Another reason for this is the fact that their enlarged tonsils may prevent them from getting the air they need through the nose. Braces may help make the airway and improve the child’s breathing patterns quite drastically. In turn, this can boost their health.

In conclusion

Reacting in time and providing them with the orthodontic help they need can solve so many problems regarding their future dental health and their health in general. Also, while you’re still the shot caller, you need to teach them the importance of dental health and dental hygiene. They need to learn to see the dentist as a friend, someone who has an answer to their problems. Taking these several steps of precaution can go a long way in the future.​​​​​​​

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