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Best Selling Expat Author Gavin Watterson's New Book HANG TIME Hits the Mark


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5 June 2019
Best ever!


108 reviews
4 June 2019
I heard a lot about the R28 but was skeptical because it sounded like a magic bullet program but the past results from previous participants was proof enough for me to sign up and give it a shot. Since my current workout routine was pretty much stagnant I didn’t have much to lose. I was blown away literally by how I felt after just 2 days. With just two 10 to 15 mins workouts a day I could see results especially with the detailed diet program. The R28 manual was also a great resource to learn about how certain foods and exercises affected my body type as well as a great many other tips to being healthy. At the end of the first week I saw results and was encouraged each and every day when I improved on my recovery period during lactate training sessions. In addition the morning workouts are different making them interesting and fun! At the end of the program I was dead lifting 60kg which is close to my body weight!!! The program does require a fair amount of discipline especially with the diet but it was totally worth it. My friends and family commented that I looked better and more than just that I felt great. I had a 2.5% reduction in body fat plus a 2.1kg gain in muscle mass, which was the ideal scenario of what I wanted to achieve. Best part is that the knowledge I have gained from R28 I can continue to build upon and get stronger and fitter!! R28 sets you on the right path to success!! Marcel


That is a great testimonial Marcel. Thank you for sharing. Inspirational....to say the very least.
I really appreciate all the positive replies (& feel proud/happy) what I do in helping others make such a positive difference...thank you kindly