Selecting Appropriate Shoes for Your Outfit - How to Slay It

Published - 16 January 2021, Saturday

Shoes play a great role in your fashion trend, you can mismatch your accessories, pair of socks and undershirt but not your shoes because they will salvage your appearance.

Even naturally beautiful individuals may struggle to look formal wearing rubber shoes or a tip-toe. E-commerce has offered more convenient ways of shopping for your favorite shoes using online payment apps like Paypal, many users can now enjoy shopping and avoid Paypal fees.

More people are into the latest fashion trends and shoes are one of their obsessions. Every year the fashion industry releases the most fashionable pair of shoes that most people love to wear.


Top Shoe Trends Today --- How to Slay Them

Men and women are into footwear like shoes and they always want to be updated with the latest fashion trend to join the bandwagon. Here are the top 10 shoe trends that people love slaying today:

Knee-High Boots

It is perfect to be worn during fall and winter, but it can be your daily fashion. Pencil skirts are a perfect match with knee-high boots. It makes your body figure slimmer and women will look sexier. Here are some tips on how to wear knee-high boots perfectly:

  • A look that it hugs and calves your ankle and calf---it should not sag
  • For women with larger calves, look for boots with wide shaft
  • For shorter women, look for boots with higher heel or wedge
  • For an office outfit, wear riding or dress boots
  • To achieve a boho look, look for suede, slouchy or something lacey


It is perfect for the latest go-to outfit. Loafers are already popular for years but this year it will go with a heel and slingback that makes it more stylish. You can wear it according to your style and match it with your dress, shorts, skirt or jeans--you will look elegant.


Be it sneakers or sandals, flat soles are in now. A pair of sneakers and tight jeans is a trend today. Also, a dress with platform sandals shows elegance and will show off your girly side. This will not only offer you a stylish outfit but also comfort, here are the advantages of wearing platforms. I think it is one of the most comfortable footwear. Do you also agree?

  • Make your spine remain straight
  • Relaxed your calf muscles
  • Distribute your body weight evenly
  • Makes your feet free to move


Beachy espadrilles are the perfect style for spring and summer. This year, ankle straps and wedges will add spice to it, bringing you a more feminine aura. You can add vitality to your outfit by pairing it with your dress and jeans.

Thin Straps

You can keep your thick and double-straps sandals and heels, introducing a thinner and strapper version of your favorite shoes this 2020. Colorful thin-strapped shoes are now popular and they are worth your money to prepare your summer to get up this year.

The Square Toe

Hyping your chic side is not all about pointy, introducing shoes with square toe this year will surely be a trend. Its elegant and chic shape style is well-loved with most women today. This can be a c strappy, square-toed sandal or square-toed booty that will add glamour to your daily outfit.

Updated Thongs

This year your favorite style of footwear has become more stylish than the type of thongs you used to have. More updated designs for toe-straps that will make your look more stylish and unique this summer.


Selecting Appropriate Shoes for Your Outfit- How to Slay It

There are endless available styles and colors of shoes, every woman has a shoe collection. It is important to know the basics of how to mix and match your shoes to compliment your outfit. Here are 8 ways to pick the proper shoes for you OOTD.

Consider The Color

  • Choose a pair of shoes that match the color of your clothes
  • Brighter shoes for a plain outfit
  • When wearing multi-colored clothes, home in a color found in your clothes
  • Never wear the same color from head to toe
  • Choose different shades ( pink dress and rose-colored shoes)
  • For a professional get up, pick standard colors ( brown, black, gray and navy-blue

Choose the perfect Shoes For the Season

  • Spring - use summer or winter shoes
  • Summer- espadrilles and sandals
  • Fall- something that matches your outfit with heavier fabric and colors of autumn
  • Winter - loafers, boots, and sandals

Pick the Right Heels

  • Pair your stiletto with something to make you taller, like an above the knee skirt
  • Low heels for a versatile option
  • Heels with ankle straps are a no if you have short legs
  • If you are short, avoid heels higher than 4 inches
  • Oval-shaped heel or square-toe heels are perfect for those with big feet
  • In a professional setting avoid wearing high heels or strappy designs
  • Wear heels with casual clothes

Selecting Sandals

  • low-heeled sandals for a more versatile and feminine look
  • Strappy of high heeled sandals with your black dress
  • Flip flops for a short-term casual get-up
  • Casual outfits with casual sandals
  • Use heeled-sandals to make casual clothes more glamorous

Choosing the Right Flats

  • Pair your flats with a knee-length skirt, Bermuda shorts or capri pants
  • Less decorative flats for a casual look
  • Avoid flats with skinny jeans
  • Avoid flats with your office attire or in any professional settings
  • Flats for semi-formal occasions

Selecting Boots

  • Perfect to wear during autumn and winter
  • Dark wash jeans or trouser is a perfect match to your skinny-heeled boots
  • Choose wide-heeled fashion boots to look stylish and avoid the slippery ice
  • Fashion boots that make you look taller
  • Snow boots for snow, rain boots for rain

Oxford and Loafers

  • Perfect for your office attire
  • Low-heeled loafers for a knee-length skirt or A-line skirt
  • Trousers with low-heeled oxford

Sneakers and Athletic Shoes

  • Athletic shoes for sports
  • Match athletic shoes to your athletic outfit
  • Low-key sneaker for non-athletic clothes



It is undeniable that your OOTD won’t be complete without a pair of shoes. Staying on trend is not the main consideration to slay your style. Knowing how to mix and match your shoes and your clothes is a must, of course, your comfort should be considered at the same time.

What is your personal preference in shoes? Are you into style or comfy? Do you have any shoe design that you think will become a trend too just like adidas yeezy boost 700?

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