How to Easily Stay Fashionable as a Mother This Year

Published - 13 July 2022, Wednesday
  • How to Easily Stay Fashionable

Becoming a mother is a life-changing transition. Moms sacrifice a lot for their children. Your new life of lost sleep, toddler chasing and play dates may require some adjustments, but you don't have to fall into the trap of becoming a frumpy mess.

You can still find ways to express your personality and style. Though you may be too tired to engage in a complicated makeup and fashion routine, there are ways to dress comfortably and look great. Here's how to easily stay fashionable as a mother. The image source is Pixabay.

Consider Your Current Lifestyle

One of the first tips for being a stylish mom is to take stock of your life and your current needs when it comes to style. You'll want to ask yourself what you spend most of your days doing. Are you at home more often than not, napping with your new baby and taking care of household duties? In this case, consider comfortable loungewear. You can find nice pieces in quality, breathable fabrics with bold colors or patterns. If you're an on-the-go sort of mom who hangs out at the park for playdates, a well-fitting pair of jeans with a layered cardigan and v-neck pairing can be perfect. Throw on a pair of cozy boots to top it off. Choose easy-to-care-for materials like faux suede in the rain to stay comfortable and fashionable.

Prioritize Comfort

It's true, comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing your wardrobe as a mom. You may not be up to slipping back into those cute heels you used to wear to the office. Because foot size tends to increase after pregnancy, you may find that those shoes no longer even fit. The fact is, your entire body has been transformed throughout the process of growing and delivering another human being. Be gentle on yourself, and dress for the body you have now. Find pieces that can be adaptable with your changing shape. There are all sorts of pants that offer some stretch and give. They're quite fashionable, too. You don't have to settle for frumpy sweatpants.

Find New Ways to Let Your Personality Shine

Before becoming a mother, you may have been known for your unique sense of style. Perhaps you were a pulled-together business woman who wore tailored pieces with an air of sophistication. If you're taking a break from corporate life, you can still find ways to pull off a polished appearance. Put your hair in a sleek low ponytail. Incorporate colours and patterns into your new everyday wardrobe that coordinate perfectly. Were you a bold fashionista who always seemed to be on top of the latest trend? You can be that woman today. Just find ways to add some flair to your current reality. Layer a cardigan in the latest colour or style on top of your jeans and t-shirt. Opt for the snazzy boots.

Simplify, Don't Abandon

It can be tempting to skip the whole makeup routine every day simply because it seems like too much hassle. This is fine if you're comfortable going bare faced. Sometimes, a little bit of colour on your cheeks can truly brighten your mood. You don't have to ditch cosmetics altogether. Experiment with a simplified version of your former practice. Once you find what works for your new mom lifestyle, you'll be able to get that rosy glow in just a few minutes each morning. Consider your hairstyle as well. You might feel like chopping it all off or throwing your tresses in a messy bun every day. You may want to talk to your stylist to find a versatile, low-maintenance cut that you love. Your salon professional can assess your lifestyle, hair texture and face shape and offer suggestions for a new do that works for you. Maybe you want to keep the length so that you can easily throw your hair up in a ponytail on days you're in a hurry. Adding some layers can be the perfect compromise between stylishness and practicality. If you do think short hair would be easier to care for, a cute pixie or bob might be the way to go.


Have these tips given you inspiration and hope that staying fashionable as a mom is possible? Give a few of the above suggestions a try, and you'll soon be feeling confident and comfortable, no matter how little sleep you're getting.

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