Published - 09 April 2021, Friday

Haikini is a surf and swim brand born in the sunny island of Singapore. The brand offers bikinis that are gorgeous yet functional, minus the hefty price tags. They promise vibrant prints, the most flattering of cuts, and most importantly- that the swimsuit will always, always stay on. More than just aesthetics, the best brands inspire a lifestyle- for Haikini, that is a life on fire with enthusiasm for ocean adventures. Surf, swim, paddle- don’t stand by the sidelines, don’t fuss with your suits, don’t hold back. Move freely- focus on having fun and let them worry about the rest!

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RATED 7.5 / 8

My first Haikini was love at first sight. However, it was the person behind the brand that attracted me to make a second purchase. As an athlete, functionality is a top priority so with the adjustable straps and multiple ways of wearing the bikini top securely, my experience in the pool and sea has been satisfying. I'm glad to support a brand that is authentic, fun and local. This #girlboss knows what's up

Tee Kay

RATED 7.5 / 8

For females up to fearlessly chasing waves, Haikini’s line of surf swimwear can be counted on to be the ideal fit. Both cute and comfortable, the functional bikinis are designed for varied water-based adventures — and range from strappy tops which don’t skimp on support to sporty, high-waisted bottoms. Sustainably and ethically produced in small batches — the swimsuits are handmade in Bali (by artisans who are paid a fair wage) and fabric leftovers from the production are constructively upcycled into swimwear protective pouches. If you’re both a pool lounger and an adventure-seeker — there are dual-purposed options available to support surfing or sunbathing sessions!

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