What do you think about What Makes The Wine Prices So Very Reasonable At The Ranch??

What makes the wine prices iso very reasonable at the Ranch in Singapore? A unique price philosophy needs explaining…

Surely you have been asking yourself some of the following questions before:

  • Does good wine need to be expensive?
  • Is expensive wine always better than lower priced wine?
  • Are cheaper wines categorically mediocre or bad?
  • Are sales margins in certain Restaurants questionably high?
  • Why are some restaurants/hotels charging an arm and a leg for a decent bottle of wine in Singapore?

Well we’ve been pondering these questions too, and we did so in depth! After eliminating all the lame excuses and bogus reasons, like it must be like this, we’ve done so the past 100 years, our competitors are calculating likewise…etc etc; we started working on a new calculation model.

This model moves away from a budgeted percentage wine cost! We now just calculate what we need to charge customers to serve and consume a bottle of decent wine in our premises. Considering rent, investment, staff, utilities and a humble profit margin we ended up with a lump sum to be added to every bottle. As such every consumer contributes the same amount toward our costs and profit – regardless of the basic purchase cost per bottle.

We also searched the globe for great wines with humble price tags, so these prices we extend to you.

Hence, if our guests decide to buy an expensive bottle of wine they are not being punished with higher contributions towards our profits and costs but treated the same as every other wine drinker. We want to give good service to all our guests – regardless of “pocket strength”. After all when you want to compliment a great steak with great wine you should feel appreciated not cheated!

So, what’s more to say? We want to be transparent and honest traders – deserving of your trust and support!

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21 April 2018
Fantastic and reasonable prices. We had a few bottles of red here and it was good quality wine and at a competitive price compared to the average you would pay in Singapore. Don't forget the awesome food here!


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