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Hard Rock Cafe supports the time you have with your family and friends and make it a rocking experience by offering you Hard Rock Cafe rockin’ $100 combo deals accompanied with free island wide delivery.

Specially curated to offer flexibility and affordability, multiple combo deal options come with up to 15% savings on every combo deal. Whether you are a Hard Rock Cafe Baby Back Ribs fan or a seafood lover, there’s a combo deal suitable for any craving. 

Hard Rock Cafe

The Ultimate Jumbo Combo consists of 1 Baby Back Ribs, 1 Jumbo Combo, and 2 Desserts of your choice including Hot Fudge Brownie's and the New York Cheesecake. The Back to Classics Combo​; 1 Classic Nachos, 1 Tupelo Chicken Tenders, 1 Caesar Salad,  and 2 Desserts. The Legendary Combo includes 1 Wings, 1 Fresh Beet Salad, 4 Mini Legendary Burgers, and 2 Desserts and last but not least, the Seafood Galore Combo​; 1 Spicy Shrimp, 1 California-style Cobb Salad, 1 Grilled Norwegian Salmon, and top it off with 2 Desserts of your choice.

Enjoy the option of self-collection when you order takeaway of your desired combo meals from Hard Rock Cafe Singapore.  Hard Rockers residing or working in critical industries beyond the vicinity of Cuscaden Road are able to enjoy theses combo deals with free island wide delivery service ​


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T. +65 6235 5232

W. www.hardrock.com/cafes/singapore

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Sylvia Fernandes
24 June 2020
My telephone rang. It was the Grab cabbie letting me know that he was at the porch with my Hard Rock Café (HRC) delivery. I was glad to do takeout tonight as it was bucketing down outside. Excitedly I wondered if my wings and burgers were going to be in good shape after the 20 minute cab ride from Hard Rock Café. I grabbed my bag of goodies and hurried up. It felt like Christmas, opening each pack! Making it so easy for diners to order, Hard Rock Café have created four $100 Combo sets. Even more convenient are the free delivery options for residents around Cuscaden and a 15% discount on pre-orders with self-collection. So for $85 excluding GST I would highly recommend Combo C which included a pack of wings with that yummy spicy sauce and some carrot & celery sticks, which lent a refreshing bent to the chicken. More in the pack….a quartet of mini legendary burgers with bacon and onion rings to top it all. What a mouthful! I suggest placing these in the oven for 15 minutes just to add that touch of warmth to your meal. I have done this with all other take-outs. It somehow makes all the difference! I threw the wings and chips into the oven as well and moved on to unpack the rest of the bag from the Hard Rock Cafe. A refreshing green salad with beetroot and orange crescents, pumpkin seeds and a vinaigrette dressing to go with it. Last but not least two desserts included in the bag, the size of which were definitely more than for two people. A hot fudge brownie and a slice of New York cheesecake topped with a separate container of whipped cream. “I’ll get to it soon enough” I thought. Just then the oven timer beeped. It was time to devour our goodies. I started with a large bite into the burger which is so aptly named because it is so legendary! The meat patties were grilled to perfection and the quality of meat could be seen from the juicy and gorgeous textured taste. If I were to recommend one thing at the Hard Rock Café it would be this. Combined with strips of bacon, an onion ring, melted cheese and salad it is really the epitome of what a burger is all about. I actually like these mini-sized burgers as it gives me an opportunity to try other varieties of food or eat another one if I am hungry. I like to have that choice! Getting down to my fingers, I started with the wings which had that unique sour and spicy taste I love. Like a jalapeno hot sauce which fires up my mouth…phew! Personally I would say this combo is plenty enough to feed four people. Very nice for the family to tuck into and perfect for kids who love their chips and burgers. While I tend to stay away from chips I did feel that the meal would not be complete without a few. For those who prefer seafood, Combo D at The Hard Rock Café might suit better with delights like salmon and shrimp on offer. Or families who prefer a snack-type meal loved by kids, Combo A with baby back ribs or Combo B with nachos and chicken tenders maybe your choice. It was time for desserts. Starting with the brownie I found the crunchy top and chewy inside to be perfect. Just the way I like it…..and to add to the calories a gooey chocolate sauce with nuts. Heaven and highly indulgent! A bite of cheesecake and that totally concluded the icing on the cake experience of takeout from the Hard Rock Café. So consistent in its offerings I have always walked away feeling “what a great meal” only this time I was home and saying the same thing.


23 June 2020
Woohoo! Hard Rock Cafe supports the time you have with your family and friends and make it a rocking experience by offering you Hard Rock Cafe rockin’ $100 combo deals accompanied with free island wide delivery.