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“Am I going to live with rough skin all my life?”

“Are these acne marks ever going to go away on its own?”

“Can this product heal my acne scars?”

For those who suffers from acne scars, how many times have these questions ran through your mind?

Acne scars may result in uneven and rough skin. Instead of spending your time and money on products that don’t work, go for the right personalised acne treatments that can get rid of them permanently.

Visit a skin doctor and identify if those imperfections are acne marks or scars. Post-acne marks, appear like a darkened spot, and will disappear after some time.  However, acne scars are more stubborn, and can either appear as “pits” or “dents”, or both.

Clifford Clinic

Acne scars are also broadly classified into four different types – Ice pick scars, boxcar scars, rolling scars, and hypertrophic scars. Different types of treatments are required for different types of scars and your doctor will be able to advise you on the type of scars you have, and the treatments that will give you the best results.

Clifford Aesthetics Clinic offers personalized Acne Scar Programs and many clients have walked away with clear skin after treatment. Mark Lee, a veteran artiste, who is known for his pockmarks joined the program four years ago is seen with better skin now.

The Clifford Clinic

“After having struggled for many years with acne scars, I’m overjoyed to have discovered The Clifford Aesthetics' Acne Scar Program,” he said. “It has really improved my skin and given me more confidence.” – Mark Lee

For Mark Lee, his Clifford Aesthetics’ Acne Scar Program is a combination of Infini Advanced Clinical Protocol (ACP), Edge Fractional CO2, and Clifford Stem Cell Serum.

Infini Advanced Clinical Protocol targets acne scars as deep as 3.5mm while Edge Fractional CO2 employs the most precise laser beams. The treatments stimulate body’s natural cells to produce collagen fibres which can even out our skin’s depression.

Other than the treatments above, The Clifford Aesthetics Clinic is also the first aesthetic clinic in Singapore to use Secret RF. The instrument combines three different technologies – Infini Advanced Clinical Protocol, Edge Fractional CO2 and Pico MLA - all into one system.

Clifford Clinic

Secret RF uses microneedling that gently punctures your skin and delivers RF energy. During the healing stage, the body increases collagen production and rebuilds the skin’s support system. With that, the outer layer of the skin appears smooth and even.

The downtime for Secret RF is short with minimum discomfort. Results can also be seen in one session.

Clients can opt for a 3, 6 or 12-month treatment programme depending on the severity of the scars.

Make an appointment with The Clifford Aesthetics Clinic to learn more about the Acne Scar Program.

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30 April 2019
Good to know, thanks for sharing. Acne scars may result in uneven and rough skin. Instead of spending your time and money on products that don’t work, go for the right personalised acne treatments that can get rid of them permanently.


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24 April 2019
I'm a skeptical person especially after using a wrong product last year which I thought will improve my skin, but instead, worsen my acne condition. This year, thanks to Jacqueline Koh's recommendation, I've tried, experienced and trusted the correct clinic with their latest Agnes treatment. It's been a month since my first treatment and my condition has improved tremendously! Can't wait to show everyone my bare face soon! Shared by Tiffany Yong who commented on The Clifford Clinic on Facebook


I've relocated from London to Singapore 3 years ago and I've been going to The Clifford Clinic for about 2 years now to treat and maintain my skin. Excellent service and extremely knowledgeable doctors. Highly recommended!
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