Introducing the IYAC Medspa Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial for all Skin Types and Conditions

Published - 01 March 2023, Wednesday

Introducing the IYAC Medspa ultimate anti-ageing facial for all skin types and conditions, especially dry-dehydrated, ageing, acne- and pigment-prone skin

A luxurious and relaxing treatment that combines IYAC Medspa's favourite facial techniques into an all-purpose super facial with skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing benefits. It was created for those who want to look gorgeous fast. This beautifying facial is ideal for those who wish to slow the progression of ageing without the use of lasers or injections.

This five-step facial includes sapphire microdermabrasion to cleanse and exfoliate the skin followed by red light therapy to stimulate collagen growth and reduce inflammation. Pores are lightly extracted - if needed, and a peel is applied to soften and renew skin, heal acne and lighten pigment. A stem cell mask revitalises and refreshes dull, dry skin, while lymphatic drainage and pressurized oxygen detoxify and infuse vitamins and enzymes into the skin.

IYAC Medspa​​​​​​​

To address the specific needs of different skin types, this facial comes with a choice of boosters: Rejuvenate for hydration, Antioxidant for glow, Opulence for uneven skin tones and Vitamin A for acne-prone skin, each with its own proprietary blend of vitamins and botanical ingredients. The treatment ends with a BellaLux LED treatment to stimulate collagen production and regenerate new cell growth.

Treatments are relaxing and the skin is supple, firmer and more hydrated. Dead skin cells are removed, and youthfulness is restored by collagen stimulation. There is no healing time required, and no special care is needed after the treatment. Regular treatments provide long-term anti-ageing benefits.

This particular treatment is recommenced once every three weeks.The treatment is priced at $400 per 90 minutes session, or a package price of $2,100 for six sessions. All prices are subject to 8 percent GST.

Simply put, IYAC Medspa helps you feel and look your very best. Today’s look is all about looking natural. It’s about looking healthy at 40, 50, 60 and beyond. How does IYAC Medspa do this? They can’t stop nature but they can subtly slow down the natural signs of ageing. IYAC Medspa sees examples of people ageing beautifully everyday – women and men whose appearances stand the test of time. Ever wondered how they do it? 

Medical science is the basis for IYAC Medspa treatments and all treatments are curated by physicians. Their products are packed with natural skin remedies like stem cells, tremella mushroom, ginseng, chamomile, oxygen, Vitamin C, astaxanthin, silk crystals, muru muru seed butter and more.

And above all, IYAC Medspa treatments are safe and subtle. The treatments are non-invasive, and products are free of parabens, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances and artificial colours, and last but not least, IYAC Medspa only provides products and treatments that they use themselves.

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Sylvia Fernandes

RATED 8 / 8

Pampering thoughts surfaced in my mind so much, through the pandemic. As a coping mechanism I felt I needed to give myself treats, to re-balance my internal self with the restrictions of my external world. And so a visit to IYAC Medspa was timely. Image Credit: Sylvia Fernandes

Centrally located in the Camden Medical Centre, I was comforted by the fact that this was part of the IYAC Aesthetic Clinic. Arriving at the Clinic I was shown to a cosy alcove where I completed a registration form detailing my brief medical history. Then a chat with the charming Dr. Isabelle Yeoh who exuded confidence and nurturing energy. I felt this was important for patients to feel that they were in good hands.  

A bit about my background. I am weary of anyone touching my face with products or procedures unless I am completely at ease with every part of the process, people and environment involved. For most of my life I never succumbed to facials and the like. But here at the IYAC Aesthetic Clinic, every part of me was sinking in to the relaxed and welcoming feeling of the “Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial” I was about to do.

A 90 minute session recommended for all skin types and conditions, this facial combines skin rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits. If you want to look gorgeous fast without the use of lasers or injections, you have found your match!I settled in to the session which would go through 5 steps. So start we did, with a sapphire microdermabrasion to cleanse and exfoliate. Then the red light therapy which would stimulate collagen growth and reduce inflammation yippee!

Having read extensively about light therapy I feel it is one of the most non-invasive and potent treatments one could have. With the race to reverse aging, I was on the right track! A light peel to lighten pigmentation and renew skin, the stem cell mask revitalized my dry skin. What was very refreshing was the lymphatic drainage and pressurized oxygen which infused vitamins and enzymes into the skin with a spray.

Feeling cool and refreshed, the treatment ended with a BellaLux LED – low level yellow, red and near-infrared light therapy that reduces wrinkle severity and skin elasticity. At the end of the day, reenergizing skin cells is what is needed to keep a youthful and radiant complexion and this LED treatment regenerates up to 200% faster. Feeling like I had been totally overhauled, I left to meet a friend for lunch at her home. The first thing she said as she opened the door was “Wow! You look so fresh!”

I told her I had been to an anti-aging facial at IYAC Medspa. As I related my experience I know a big part of success in the treatments offered at IYAC Aesthetic Clinic are also the superior products used. Swiss apple stem cells (also referred to as the fountain of youth) are contained in IYAC’s Stem Cell Sleeping Mask and Muru Muru Recovery Cream. With its extraordinary ability to stay fresh for 9 months without shriveling, scientists have found that the apples’ stem cells are responsible for regenerating damaged and aged cells.

Tests conducted by Dermscan revealed the following in clinical trials with 22 women between the ages of 40 – 60. They used IYAC’s Soothing Hydrating Essence, Stem Cell Sleeping Mask and Muru Mury Recovery Cream over 28 days. A reduction in wrinkles and improvement in skin hydration, firmness, elasticity, clarity and suppleness! What else can you ask for?

With so many essential facials to choose from, for men and women plus advanced facials for specific ailments, you will be spoilt for choice. If unsure, you will be guided by doctors who will point you in the right direction of what your skin needs most.

With such heightened attention from using quality products coupled with advanced methodology, we are the luckier for it today. Add to this, a consistent routine of doing a facial once every 3 weeks and you will certainly be a transformed person.

Apart from the wonderful acknowledgement of looking great, I’d say the bigger plus for me was the downtime attributed to me and me alone. It was my time out and the value I received from that 90 minutes would definitely make me want to go back again!

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