A Guide to Achieving Healthy & Hydrated Skin

Published - 14 August 2022, Sunday
  • Achieving Healthy & Hydrated Skin

A healthy, radiant complexion is something many people try to achieve but often, get mixed results. There are so many skincare products out there, but there is little guidance on which formulas to choose from that can deliver the ultimate results. By not using the right products, it's easy to disrupt the balance of your skincare needs. Every complexion looks best when the skin is receiving the proper nourishment and hydration. The image source is Pexels

Alcohol In Skincare Products

If alcohol is listed at the top of your ingredient list on your favorite cleanser, serum, etc., then, toss it out. Alcohol can strip your skin of moisture and dry it out over time, and it can be very highly irritating to some complexions. These simple alcohols include denatured, ethanol and isopropyl and can be too drying and damaging. However, there are "good" fatty alcohols often included in some skincare formulas such as cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol that actually help draw in and hold moisture.

The Precious Skin Barrier

You've probably read about the skin barrier but may not fully understand what this barrier is and how it plays a major role in maintaining ageless, dewy skin. Dermatologists will tell you that the skin's barrier covers the outermost part of the epidermis. When it's not functioning right, the barrier will result in a dry and dull appearance.

When you apply the proper topical formulas, your skin barrier will retain water to keep your skin hydrated, smooth and elastic. It'll also keep away environmental aggressors like pollution. You will want to find the best microbiome skin care products that feature a variety of sophisticated products enriched with live probiotics that nourish the skin barrier and restore the complexion's natural glow.

Humidifier Benefits Year-Round

Skincare experts believe that investing in a humidifier for the bedroom is a wise decision for a more beautiful complexion. This amazing beauty device disperses water back into the air for an ideal, indoor balance of humidity. A humidifier isn't just for those cold, winter months. In fact, running your humidifier during the summer can help your pores stay clean, keep your skin nicely hydrated and help maintain your body temperature at a stable level.

Skin-Friendly Showers/Baths

Most people would agree that a nice, long, hot shower feels awesome. However, if you're seeking skin that is hydrated and radiant, then, you want to limit the time spent in the shower or bath and avoid steamy water.

Lukewarm water is better for the skin because hot h2O strips the skin of its natural lipids and oils. Hot water evaporates rapidly and doesn't allow the skin to trap in those essential water droplets after bathing. A five to eight-minute shower is the maximum time recommended.

Damp Skin Application Advantage

You've probably heard of this one before. When your skin is damp after cleansing, dermatologists say that this is the best time for applying your topical products. You can even gently pat or blot your face with a towel. Just don't leave it bone-dry.

Formulas that contain hyaluronic acid (HA), for example, can lock in all of that watery goodness when you layer your moisturizing products over slightly damp skin. HA can add intense hydration to all skin types whether you struggle with a dry complexion or one that is oily and dehydrated. It's all about sealing in moisture.

Soaps Versus Gentle Cleansers

You have tons of options when it comes to cleansing your face as well as your body and a boatload of skincare products to choose from. The face and neck can be especially sensitive to certain formulations, especially when they come in the form of bar soaps. If you want to wash with soap, skincare pros advise staying away from those with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This harsh ingredient can irritate the skin and rob it of its natural moisture.

Look for natural soaps with nourishing oils such as avocado, olive, aloe vera, jojoba, etc. Gentle cleansers are kinder to the complexion. Choose those that are labeled pH-balanced to help maintain your skin's equilibrium. Ingredients also containing skin lipids and humectants are beneficial.


Healthy, hydrated skin doesn't belong just to the rich and famous. Follow these excellent recommendations above, and watch your complexion transform!​​​​​​​

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