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Ever been jealous of the smooth, glowing skin celebrities flaunt on the red carpet, and seem to have all year round?

Somehow, our skincare routines never seem to have the same effect, no matter how many times we pore over magazines, reading about the next new product to give us that flawless skin we want so badly, or how faithfully we adhere to our routine.

If you’re looking for a boost that will give your skin that special glow, and keep it looking youthful and fresh, try the Hollywood Facial at The Lifestyle Clinic.

The Lifestyle Clinic, founded in 2007 by Dr. Komathy Rajaratnam, focuses on holistic as well as aesthetic treatment.

They specialise in customised treatments that are tailored to an individual’s needs, while remaining safe & natural.

One of their services, the Hollywood Facial, is a special treatment that focuses on 3 different aspects of skin care:

  1. Glowing skin
  2. Reverse ageing
  3. Smoothening scars & wrinkles

The Hollywood Facial, an A-list favourite, combines 3 popular procedures in this treatment.

First, the skin is treated to a deep microdermabrasion, along with an infusion of hyaluronic acid.

The microdermabrasion procedure involves an applicator with a grainy texture that essentially ‘sands’ away the outer layer of your skin; regenerating it by removing dead skin cells, unblocking your pores & stimulating that all-important collagen.

Second, the skin is treated with a Yag laser, which works gently and non-invasively to target ageing skin in a way that is both safe & effective.

Yag laser treatment clears away fine wrinkles, reduces scars left by acne, diminishes pore size & tightens skin that is sagging; resulting in smooth, firm & youthful skin.

The third and final step is a mild glycolic peel. The glycolic peel, which is a type of chemical peel, is well known to be the solution to a wide array of skin problems, including acne, age spots, uneven skin tone, and many more.

In this treatment, the glycolic peel gently exfoliates your skin and further stimulates the collagen we all want more of.

Treatment complete. Your skin? Glowing!

While the Hollywood Facial is the perfect option for any social event you want to look your best for, having regular monthly sessions will result in long-term healthier, happier and more beautiful skin.

The facial is also a suitable treatment for acne prone skin – repeated sessions control acne eruptions and leave the skin smoother.

This post is sponsored by The Lifestyle Clinic, one of Singapore’s leading aesthetic medicine and dermatology treatment clinics.

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29 May 2019
Fantastic, going to try this product. Thanks for sharing this article.