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Help feed hungry Phuket families in need. 350 baht (about SG$15) feeds one family for a week. Help Phuket Today has 800 families identified as vulnerable and there are many more.

Started by local Thai and Expat volunteers helping desperately poor Thai and migrant families whose incomes and lives have been devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic, Help Phuket Today organisers are all blessed to have experienced life on this very special island paradise, where so many people's livelihoods rely on the tourism industry. 

As a result of the world crisis, thousands of families have lost 100 percent of their income, and migrant workers remain in their camps facing starvation.  Many fall through the cracks of the help provided by the government for various reasons.  \

Help Phuket Today has come together; Thais and Expats alike, to help these people by providing weekly food packages to them.  As volunteers are all currently in lockdown within their own subdistricts, Help Phuket Today organisers are relying on the kindness of residents of each subdistrict to locate and feed the families that are in dire need of their assistance. 

By donating money on this platform, you will help provide weekly sustenance to the people - men, women and children - who need it the most.  

A donation of just SG$15 will feed a family for a week.  With that money, Help Phuket Today will buy the following food items per weel for each family:

  • 5KG bag of rice
  • 1 bottle of oil
  • 5 tins of sardines
  • 30 eggs
  • 1 small bottle of fish sauce

100% of your donation will go towards feeding these families.  Please dig deep. These people who devote their lives to making Phuket the special place it is - need your help now.  

Help Feed Phuket fed 600 families in the past 7 days but so many more families need our help in the weeks and months to come.

You can help in three ways:

  1. Volunteer
  2. Donate to this campaign HERE
  3. Buy food mentioned above online from 1. Villa Market 2. Select pick up and in the instructions box 3. write the word "DONATION".


Wendi Stewart
1 comment
5 May 2020
HELP PHUKET TODAY. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. The last campaign reached 157,500 Baht and with that money Help Phuket Today will feed 450 families next week. With this campaign HPT is hoping to reach 570 families and provide much needed food. So far over 800 families have been identified as vulnerable and the team is locating more and more every day - each in more desperate situations than the other. HELP PHUKET TODAY.