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Hero Video: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Published on Dec 15, 2018

Joe Wong Asia Live in Singapore 2019 Thursday, 19 September at Capitol Theatre for one night only! Tickets on sale now.

Visit www.livenation.sg for ticketing details.

Joe Wong is a comedian, self-titled an “all American immigrant”, who appeared in David Letterman Showcase, Ellen Degeneres, and the 2010 White House Annual Correspondents' Dinner.

He was born to a Korean Chinese family in Baishan, Jilin, China. His family moved from Korea to China three generations ago.

He graduated from Jilin University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, before he went to further study chemistry at Rice University in Texas in 1994. He graduated from Rice in 2000 with a PhD in Biochemistry.

He then moved to Boston in 2001 and began to perform his comedy at All Asia Bar, at Stash's Comedy Jam. Although he had won numerous awards, he did not attract American nationwide attention until after his appearance on Late Show with David Letterman on April 17, 2009.

His multiple appearances on TV, courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres, boosted his reputation further. On February 10, 2010, Wong made his second appearance on the Late Show, and appeared again on March 30, 2012.

He returned to Late Show with Stephen Colbert on December 14, 2018 and will appear in Singapore for one night only on Thursday 19 September 2019

Visit www.livenation.sg for ticketing details. BOOK HERE


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23 July 2019
For those who haven’t seen your show “Is It True?” on CCTV2 in China, can you explain the concept and what makes it work? The TV show I’m hosting in China seeks to bust rumors on the Internet as well as expose fake and shoddy products. My job is to use stand-up comedy to open the show, bring out each topic and close the show. Two things got me interested. One is it allows me to tell jokes on TV and spread stand-up comedy in China. The second is that, as a Chinese who was away for 20 years, there are things that confuse me here and I’d like to have explained. For example, when I first came back to China I loved the freshly squeezed juice at restaurants. Later through the show I discovered that roughly 80% of the so-called freshly squeezed juice is made from various chemicals you can cheaply purchase from wholesale stores. Because the audience can learn something useful while being entertained, the show has the highest ratings on the network CCTV2, averaging 5-7 million viewers per episode. Parts of this article have been republished on www.expatchoice.asia Source: https://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2015/03/16/killing-crowds-in-two-languages-qa-with-comedian-joe-wong/