What do you think about Impostor Syndrome Starring Aidan Killian Friday 7 and Saturday 8 December 8pm Sharp?

Singapore is filled with high-achieving people but how many feel they deserve their success?

Do you ever feel like a impostor, doubt your achievements and live in fear of being found out for being a fruad? If that’s the case maybe you are just like Tom Hanks, Kate Winslett and many others who suffer from Impostor Syndrome.


Kate Winslett has won Academy, Emmy and Grammy Awards yet sometimes says to her self before a shoot, ‘I can’t do this. I am a fraud.’ Another oscar winner, Tom Hanks wrote,  “When are they going to discover that I am, in fact, a fraud and take everything away from me?” Ryan Reynolds, star of Deadpool, feels like he is faking it until he makes it while Harry Potter star, Emma Watson speaks openly about not feeling good enough, “It’s almost like the better I do, the more my feeling of inadequacy actually increases”.


If such superstars suffer from Impostor Syndrome maybe it’s a common human experience to not feel good enough. When I used to work in the infamous investment bank, Bear Stearns back in 2008, I used to have a sore neck from constantly looing over my shoulder wondering, ‘when are they going to find out?’ It turns out I have a lot in common with Michelle Pfeiffer because she said, "I have this constant fear that I’m a fraud and that I’m going to be found out." Hmmm maybe we should hang out and see what else we have in common.


Considering we were all in a life or death race where there could only be one survivor and you won. Yes you. You and me and every other human on the plantet are born winners. We fought and raced against half a billion other sperm and somehow, against all the odds, we became human beings. We bloddy well deserve to be here. So enjoy the ride fellow champion.


The writer of this article (me) has spent his life getting away with stuff. In school I didn’s study and in university I ended up blackmailing my university to give me a honours degree, blagged my way into an investment bank, made money and lost money and then became a comedian. Banker to comedian. The one occupation you can’t cheat at. Either the audience laugh or stare in silence. You get instant, honest feedback (whether you like it or not). After doing shows on corruption, banking, religion,  whistleblowers I have now stopped pointed the finger outside and looked within to realise I am full of sh!t. So come along to my comedy show coming to Singapore at The Merry Lion on Friday 7 december and Saturday 8 December 2018

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4 December 2018
This is AWESOME! Loved reading this article and look forward to watching this.


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