Sunday Social Market Pasar Pink at Open Farm Community Sun 16 June 2019, 11am-10pm

What do you think about Sunday Social Market Pasar Pink at Open Farm Community Sun 16 June 2019, 11am-10pm?


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8 June 2019
Just awesome! Bring your friends, your family, (and your faghags/fagstags) for a Sunday Funday of fabulous merchandise, music and makan!


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6 June 2019
Some of the Stalls you will find on the day... A NAME, A SECRET, A POETRY ... Shape your desires into a unique and sophisticated piece of jewellery with Studio Emoi minimalist brand from France, customise and handcraft each word with delicate gold or silver wire. ONE OF A KIND Bus Detour is hand-made from fabric off-cuts generated from creating the costumes of Becca D'Bus At Pink Pasar, Bus Detour will offer a range of Pink T-Shirts individually appliqued with dots. Each piece is one off a kind, and hand-made by Becca in her costume workshop. None of the materials used in Bus Detour have been worn before. The Workshop is animal and smoke free. Enjoy delicious goodness made with sustainably sourced local ingredients from Open Farm Community, freshly baked pastries with 100% French flour and butter from Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari, modern South East Asian bites from Ding Dong that would surely ding your dong, gluten free and gorgeous options from The Butcher's Wife SG , sassy Argentine meat from Bochinche and natural wines without the hangover from Drunken Farmer!


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