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In today’s digital age, travel is not viewed as a luxury but instead a necessity.

With pictures of exotic destinations and adventurous excursions flooding the social feeds everywhere we scroll, it’s no surprise that travel has become a top priority. To experience different cultures will increase both cognitive flexibility and depth and integrativeness of thought, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms.  

It is all about the multicultural engagement, immersion, and adaptation. Someone who lives abroad and doesn’t engage with the local culture will likely get less of a creative boost than someone who travels abroad and really engages in the local environment.  Hence, choosing to stay in one country for longer than a week and to experience the local culture and scene will enhance your critical thinking a lot more.

The point is not to judge, criticize, or put down any of these cultures or experiences.  You have to make them a part of your trip and a part of your journey.  Most of the interesting stories that I (and other people) have from visiting other countries revolve around culture and a “different” way of doing things.  One of the main reasons people travel is to see and experience other parts of the world and to explore new cultures and customs.  If you really want to do this then you absolutely must have an open and respectful mind.  Don’t complain that you are being charged to use a restroom, don’t send back the chicken curry with chicken feet in it, and don’t be offended if someone hugs you.

Instead, learn to embrace them all and come back home a refreshed person.  Do remember to check out ARFIT Club for your local culture experience in fitness and wellness while you are away.


27 June 2017
Fantastic article! Lucky I'm a pilot, feel like this everytime I travel :-))))