What do you think about A slightly more "civilized" solutions for a boys weekend away?

There is the saying ‘boy will be boys’, and we say ‘let them be’. Going on a short trip with your bros, you tend to search for fun, thrill, and excitement.

But it's not always about high-octane adventurous excursions? Consider a short weekend trip to Australia to discover some of the best wine country on the planet.

Harvest Tours unique gastronomic journey celebrates the food and wine artisans of the Margaret River region. 

This is a great travel solution for lads living in Singapore.

Australia is simply beautiful and to visit Perth in Western Australia is not only affordable, it is conveniently located within 5 hours flying time from Singapore.

Inspired by talent, passion and the beauty of local organic ingredients, Harvest Tours promise you an experience that is both exclusive and unforgettable.​

Full Day Wine Tour for Food Lovers, for a small groups or Private Charters tailored to meet your needs for both small and extended groups.

Private Charter is for those who want to explore or enjoy time with friends and family and The Harvest team can assist you in developing your charter insuring you get to indulge and discover what is on offer within the region. 

All Harvest Tours buses have child seat restraint points to ensure children travel safe (child seats need to supplied by traveling guest) on board coolers available to store your harvested goodies, bottled water supplied free of charge. Lunch is not supplied but we can arrange this for you at a location of your choosing.

Harvest Tours pick-up time does depend on your location. Tour time: 10:00am to 17:45pm ( Sept through to March).10:00am to 17:00pm (April through to August)  Adults $450.00 (12 persons) $1000.00 (13 - 22 persons). Private Charter Cost: (Sept – May) - $450.00 (June – August) - $400.00

A popular tour is the Tastings followed by lunch with Cullen Wines.

All Cullen Wines are grown on a certified Biodynamic, Carbon Neutral and naturally powered estate. Grapes are harvested by hand on fruit and flower days according to the astrological calendar.

The wines have no additions of yeast, acid or malolactic culture, and are in this sense natural wines which express the place and land on which they are grown, the vintage and the people.

Harvest Tours aim to please the discerning Gourmet Tourist by offering an authentic experience of Margaret River. 

They want to show you the best of the best - our greatest food artisans, our most skilled winemakers, our region's best produce, stunning scenery, passionate and inspiring business owners and personal and informative commentary by friendly and knowledgeable guides.

All set tours include a five star lunch at either Flutes Restaurant, Xanadu Wines or Brookwood Estate, coffee tasting, taste chocolate made fresh from the bean to the bar, Vineyard tour Experience (on request- Note not available during vintage).

Pairing meat with wine pairing, pick-up and return to your accommodation free of charge and coolers on board, bottled water supplied free of charge.

Private Charter: The Harvest Tours finely appointed fleet caters for all groups - all have on board coolers, bottled water supplied free of charge to store your harvested goodies. The team will expertly develop an itinerary to suit your requirements. Pick-up and return to your accommodation free of charge, your driver/guide is there to assist you throughout your tour of indulgence & discovery. contact Harvest Tours here!



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2 May 2019
Fantastic idea and thanks for sharing! Private Charter is for those who want to explore or enjoy time with friends and family and The Harvest team can assist you in developing your charter insuring you get to indulge and discover what is on offer within the region.


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1 May 2019
This is a great idea boys. Sometimes a bit of culture - wine culture that is - is well worth a trip down to Perth from Singapore for a boys weekend away. You can also pick up some excellent vintages and enjoy some of the best cuisine on the planet. So, what are you waiting for - its a win win for all. https://www.harvesttours.com.au/


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