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Hero Picture: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Main Pavilion 

Tropical Oasis Villa Marie East Indies 5 bedroom luxury villa, 2 minutes from Pererenan beach Canggu in Bali

Landing at Bali’s Denpasar airport at around 7 pm on a Thursday night, we were greeted with helping hands and a friendly Balinese smile beaming from our Villa Marie East Indies Private driver's face. At this point - life as we knew it changed...

1 Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Main Pavilion

Photo Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - The Team 

As we boarded the Villa Marie East Indies private 7-seater van, we were presented with lightly scented refreshing cool towels to freshen up, while sitting back in our gorgeous adjustable-reclining leather seats. Our adventure had begun and it was time to set off on our 45-minute drive to Villa Marie East Indies

As the driver navigated his way through the hustle and bustle of Bali's notoriously crazy traffic, an experience all on its own, we soon approached the picturesque area of Pererenan, an area shrouded in rice paddies, boasting an oldie-worldly charm at every turn, harking back to the days of 1990s when I first visited Bali....it was like stepping back in time.

2 Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Entrance Walkway

Photo Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Entrance Walkway

As we pulled up to the front of the Villa, we instantly anticipated a world of comfort waiting behind the secured closed main entrance facade. I had done my homework and was excited to explore this three-pavilion designed luxury oasis which within hours had become "home".

There was a genuine sense of excitement as the doors swung open and three of the 24-hour rotating house staff on hand welcomed us with open arms, smiling faces and refreshing mocktails.

7 Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Service with a smile

Photo Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Service with a smile

The feeling was friendly and, in a way, instantly family. We appreciated the understated street-side entrance as it gave an added sense of privacy - nothing worse than a villa that is shouting opulence from the street which Villa Marie East Indies certainly does not, although this is purely intentional.

An understated opulence was bestowed upon us as we entered the first Pavilion - a private compound acting as a welcoming vestry. As a group of mildly stressed out expats, we immediately put our day-to-day life back in Singapore behind us. 

7 Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Main Pavilion Lounge Room

Photo Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Main Pavilion Lounge Room

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The gardens directly in front of the first Pavilion provide a beautiful setting, handsomely articulated by a massive marble water feature, further providing a sense of calm, peace and serenity to the entire property, setting the tone for what is to come. Then the jewel in the crown – The majestic Colonial structure that is regarded as the Main House, Pavilion number two, “Villa Marie East Indies” the core, the heart of this private and luxurious compound. 

Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Main Pavilion Master Bedroom 1

Photo Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Main Pavilion Master Bedroom One

Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Main Pavilion Master Ensuite

Picture Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Main Pavilion Master Ensuite Bedroom One

With two King Size bedrooms upstairs in the main house, each with its own bathroom and amenities, and an impressive King bedroom on the ground level, Villa Marie East Indies offers a massive indoor entertaining space on the ground floor.

Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Breakfast Bench

Picture Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Breakfast Bench Kitchen Area

The fully equipped kitchen and service area is hidden from sight, although accessible for all guests if the need was to arise. There is a welcoming open-plan kitchen counter area where guests can congregate throughout the day. 

Plenty of seating is available in the living area ground floor pavilion, both high stools, comfy lounge chairs and not one, but two dining areas - one indoors and the other outdoors - on the Veranda, enough to accommodate 10-12 guests for a sit-down gathering, breakfast, lunch of evening meal. Perfect for entertaining, perfect for a gathering to celebrate in true style.

4 Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Lunch

Photo Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Lunch Table Setting Outdoors

There are nooks and crannies scattered throughout the living area and the entire property in fact. Coffee tables, lush cushions, delicate throws, a massive marble chess set which seems to balance the living-rooms' bold furnishings which include interesting and unique art and artefacts collected from around Indonesia and across the globe by Villa Marie East Indies owners. The very same creative people who designed and decorated the villa from the ground up.

Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Main Pavilion Rear Sitting Area

Picture Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Main Pavilion Outdoor Sitting Area

Passing on through the main living space in the second Pavilion, we move into, yet another ideally designed environment. An outdoor lounge and recess area (pictured above) overlooking Villa Marie East Indies gorgeous garden, kids' playhouse and sundeck/recreational area.

Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Rear Gardens Evening

Picture Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Rear Gardens Evening By The Pool

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A beautiful salt water pool is the highlight of this private garden setting and of course, we found ourselves soaking up the sun, each day, sipping on drinks and grazing on the all-day menu prepared by our delightful house staff and private chef for a good part of our 3-day stay.

A fully detached 2-deluxe rooms villa, Pavilion three, sits at the rear of the property, set amongst lush green foliage. It's private, it's peaceful and provides an enchantment all its own.

These 2 deluxe rooms sit side by side with a convenient internal adjoining walkway that can be closed for further privacy, each with its own ensuite. The rooms in Pavilion three provide a perfect retreat from Pavilion two, which is the heartbeat of the compound, offering a restful sanctuary to recharge and regroup your heart and soul.

Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Garden Pavilion Bedroom

Picture Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Garden Pavilion Bedroom One

But what would a vacation be without good food and great conversation. The private Villa chef has the skills of a MasterChef. From the delicious hearty breakfasts prepared al la carte, Nespresso coffee in the morning, fresh juices prepared to your preferred blend, to the delicious multi-course lunches and dinners selected from the extensive in-house menu, which tantalized our taste buds with the flavours of Indonesia and beyond.

Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Garden Pavilion Tub

Picture Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Garden Pavilion Tub

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The in-house menu option was something more than special. Dishes prepared by the Villa's chef caters for local to Western tastes. The additional charge for this service was minimal, to say the least. Very affordable, although as an alternative - and to mix up the overall experience, there are a few cool cafes and eateries close by to Villa Marie East Indies, scattered along the country road in both directions.

8 Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - Walking by pool

Picture Credit: Villa Marie East Indies Bali - Pool Pavilion

We pre-ordered scooters when we were making transfer arrangements with our Villa Manager. This allowed us the freedom to bike around the area, although bth Villa's car is available upon request if required. It is just a few minutes scoot down to the beach or a 15-minute stroll for an early morning or sunset walk. We enjoyed late night in-house massages and even ventured to find reflexology spas close by, which are scattered here and there along the road.

Villa Marie East Indies _ Bali - View from Garden Pavilion

Picture Credit Villa Marie East Indies Bali - View from Garden Pavilion

You will find convenience stores close by, which is always a bonus. You will never feel isolated at Villa Marie East Indies, although behind those closed doors you could be in the depths of a rice paddy, miles from anywhere.

Whether you plan a short getaway or long stay, Villa Marie East Indies is a great choice. It's affordable lux. You can book your stay with up to 5 couples or supplement a few of the guest with children, who will love this property for its spacious grounds to run free in complete security and safety. 

Villa Marie East Indies is set in a quiet location, an idyllic retreat. You will not be disappointed. I can’t complement the villa staff enough. They made us all feel at home. Wonderful experience... Thank you one and all for your hospitality. We will be back.

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*10% discount for bookings made before Sept 30 2019. Valid for stay until June 30 2020


Allied World


Non Member
8 May 2019
The Villa looks beautiful. So jealous reading your story!


Villa Marie is stunning. It has a home away from home feel about it. All the furnishings and decor have been selected by the owners, who also build this wonderful Villa Destination. Many Villa's we have stayed in over the years in Bali are either under furnished or even at top prices, a little out of date. Here at Villa Marie everything is gorgeous from the furniture to the artwork and bits and pieces around the house. Every room has a story to tell.
8 May 2019
We have never been to Canggu before. You got me when I read "There was a genuine sense of excitement as the doors swung open and three of the 24-hour rotating house staff on hand welcomed us with open arms, smiling faces and refreshing mocktails." investigating the option to book a few nights here for the family. Thank you for sharing this brilliant find in Bali. With so many Villas to choose from, this helps me focus more on quality rather than price.


Richard you just gotta make the time to book in here at Villa Marie in Bali and get away from the rat race we all know here in Singapore. Its absolutely gorgeous.
1 comment
7 May 2019
From arrival at Denpasar Bali airport, with no waiting at customs to our guy ready for pickup on exit of arrivals. With a cold towel and drink ready and waiting for us on our journey to Villa Marie East Indies. We were very fortunate that we had no traffic exiting the airport and little getting to our villa. 45mins later we arrive at the door of our Grande, Colonial style villa. With welcoming drink in hand. The wonderful Eddie and Butu greet us and show us to our amazing room at the back of the villa. The beautiful courtyard with the amazing gardens and little landscaping surprises. From the magnificent trees and colourful flowers to the koi pond. The 20 metre salt water pool separate us from the main house. Lots of sitting areas to lounge around, even a beautiful kids playhouse and swing. The house was equipped for all. Family ,friends or large groups. The staff were beyond excellent. Friendly, attentive, polite, happy and very well spoken. They certainly made me feel special. Our room was perfect even had an outside soaking tub, open door drainage shower, separate toilet and double vanity. So beautifully decorated. From the villa itself, it was a short walk to restaurants, loads of cafes and bars, convenience stores and my favourite, spa’s. However we did get an in-house massage where the villa provides a massage room. Totally insane and perfect for the late night massage before bed. Wayan, the in-house chef made us a delicious 4-course Indonesian meal one night of our stay which was outstanding. Can’t wait to come back. All in all it was great. Never been to Canggu before but it has everything you need. Shops, food, bars, massage, motorbike hire and it’s just a grab away to anywhere you want to explore on the island. Highly recommend it.


You are a travel writer Miss Mayra. Good on you for taking the time to post this great read xxx
7 May 2019
Walking through the big, blue, Bougainvillea surrounded doorway of Villa Marie is like stepping into another era. A colonial era of stately architecture and of old fashioned service - with the convenience of modern facilities. We were greeted warmly by impeccably dressed staff and shown to our luxurious rooms - where no attention to detail has been spared! Everything you could possibly need for a relaxing and indulgent retreat has been provided. Wayan our main man very quickly learnt our favourite drinks and snacks, and without meaning to, we developed a bit of a routine. We had grand plans to visit different places on the island, but we were reluctant to venture too far from the comforts of our little oasis. Even my 3 year old on short outings to the beach would say "Mummy, please take me back to the 'village'"! And with good reason - Villa Marie is also a kiddy Paradise.... Cute little cubby house built in the same colonial style, complete with hammocks and lounge area. Plus a doll house and painting area. If she had stayed any longer she would have truly believed she was a princess, such was the standard of service! Likewise, we had planned to dine out a lot and had earmarked multiple fabulous local restaurants (of which there are many) but the five star meals served by chef Okka were impossible to pass up. Villa Marie is elegant and chic whilst being relaxed and comfortable. We loved our morning coffees by the pool and our breakfasts on the terrace. Our sundowners in the veranda lounge area will be missed! The harsh realization that we were not actually royalty upon returning to normality was the only snag. But we will be back to pretend again for sure! A review posted by Bronte Davies of Villa Marie East Indies on Facebook