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You know how it is in Singapore! Wine, be it red or white is so expensive you can almost guarantee a bottle of something "very average" will set you back SG$30...and it's usually...pardon the expression "CRAP"

Not the case at the Southbridge Hotel on the corner of Mosque Street and Southbridge roads in the heart of Chinatown.

Yes, it is a boutique hotel with rooms at affordable prices for travellers, but its Food and Beverage offering is really something to make note of here on Expat Choice

The first reason is because if you like a few glasses of wine this hotel offers them by the glass starting at $5 and the quality is awesome. Not some shady Spanish drop that is going to give you a hangover the next morning. This is premium wine at low low prices.

Think Rothbury Estate Sauvignon Blanc at SG$5 a glass or just SG$25++ per bottle, now that is value for money...better than what Wine Connection are offering.

This place has it all. Wine, spirits. again at SG$5 House Pour Whisky, Bourbon (Jim Bean Highball), Rum, Gin, Vodka, Tequila and Cognacs and Premium pours just SG$6.

Alcohol here is graded in three tiers. House Pours, Premium Pours and Super Premium Pours this is the same for all the wine - The most expensive Super Premium Wine still comes in at SG$35 a bottle. Unheard of in Singapore.

It sounds like I am being paid to write this profile but I am not. I like a wine or two, and for those of you who know me well, you would agree - I enjoy a few glasses at the end of the working day and I am always complaining at the cost and more so the quality of wine that is served across the Island.

It is our aim to seek out affordable day-to-day solutions that not only save you money but also give you an experience to remember.

The second reason I am so passionate about The Southbridge Hotel is because their food menu is extensive and the food is great quality. Be it a rib-eye steak or a bowl of Pasta, the prices yet again are affordable.

The Southbridge Hotel is a boutique hotel situated in the heart of Chinatown, making it an ideal location for business travellers and leisure seeking individuals. Our rooms offer a harmonious blend of modern fittings and luxurious linens.

The Southbridge Hotel houses not one but two bars. Sip super chilled craft beers, wines or cocktails while watching the world go by in our open bar or enjoy a tipple from our vast selection of premium whiskies in our beautifully decorated air-conditioned live music lounge.

Also housed under one roof is the Restaurant, Wuliangye and an exclusive Movenpick Ice cream counter. The Hotel is also located within Singapore’s Central Business District and a short walking distance to the Chinatown Mass Rapid Transit Station, providing easy access to major tourist attractions. The Hotel is also located within Singapore’s Central Business District and a short walking distance to the Chinatown Mass Rapid Transit Station, providing easy access to major tourist attractions.


18 May 2019
What are people saying about The Southbridge Hotel on Social media? Fantastic place for a memorable meal in the most charming ambiance with wonderful beer selections and really affordable and good quality drinks including red and white wine. Prices are most attractive even for Budget conscious individuals. I always have beautiful and fond memories after each visit.... Adrian Loo recommends The Southbridge Hotel on Facebook What strikes me the most is how laid-back the vibe of the place is. One can see people from many different walks of life unwind at any part of the day. I personally like that this place has different areas to suit different themes for the night, be it with a bunch of friends, business or just going for a drink alone to mingle. Not to forget, there is a great selection of wonderful whiskeys to pair with excellent food! I always have a good time at The Southbridge Hotel! Xavier See reviewed The Southbridge Hotel – 5 star on Facebook