What do you think about Low-cost money transfers, Just in time for Christmas?

You know it’s time for Christmas when you see huge bows, glittering castles and illuminated arches on your favourite Orchard Road.

This spectacular lighting rings in the festive mood every December and the nostalgia of Christmas celebrations with family kicks in. But it’s your loved ones and family that make Christmas truly beautiful!

The realization dawned upon me when I moved to another part of the world a few years ago and spent Christmas away from family for the first time.

As I sat in a cafe sipping on my coffee on Christmas eve, I could almost visualize my crazy clan huddled in the living room, cracking bad jokes; Mom arranging the presents under the Christmas tree, and feel the smell of gingerbread filling up the house... I missed it all, especially exchanging presents.

Christmas is really a time when you pamper your loved ones with gifts. And finding gifts for my family in time for Christmas while I was trying to settle down in a new country was challenging to say the least.

So, it goes without saying that I ended up not sending any gifts to my family that year. But recently, I discovered a great way to send presents to my family that made us all very happy. It saved me all the worrying about ‘what to buy’, while my family got exactly the presents, they wanted!

I opted for online money transfers so that my family and friends could buy a present of their own choice.

A colleague introduced me to InstaReM two years ago, and online money transfers have not just been hassle-free, but also easy on my pocket. I no more pay for FX margins or hidden charges as is the case with banks and money transfer operators.

For an expat wanting to send money overseas, InstaReM is a welcome change in comparison to the super expensive and time-consuming banks and other service providers. It’s easy, low-cost and completely transparent as I knew exactly the amount my family will receive. And they have an amazing offer this Christmas - Lazada Shopping Vouchers for a few lucky folks!

This Christmas send money to your loved ones via InstaReM and stand a chance to Win Lazada Shopping Vouchers! To enter the Lucky Draw, just Sign Up with InstaReM & transfer money before December 20.

*The first 30 users to transact before December 20, 2018, using the code SANTA10 will be eligible for the draw.

Please note that these vouchers will be given away on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, get going, guys.

Sign Up Now and Use Code: SANTA10

*Valid until December 25, 2018, on minimum transfer value of SGD 500.



11 December 2018
Fantastic article and value for money. Stress free and easy to use. Thanks for sharing this article.


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