What do you think about Here are The world's Least Friendly Countries for Expats?

Here's a list you don't see often... 'the world's 20 unfriendliest countries for expats.'

Those of us who live in Singapore are used to succumbing to a wry smile when we see the Lion City top the 'Best of...' lists - so this makes for amusing reading. 

Who'd have thought that democratic Scandinavian countries are nestled together with some of the harshest and unforgiving regimes on the planet?

For transparency, your reporter lived in Russia and found the locals so friendly that he married one.

This survey, by Expat Insider, conducted by InterNations (InterNations was bought by XING - the German LinkedIn - two years ago) is quite light on reasoning, so I would take it with a kilo of two of salt.  The survey asked readers to rank cities on everything from their value to the friendliness of their people. Hong Kong found itself at the top of the world’s unfriendliest cities list, as the readers “didn’t find Hong Kong Residents to be particularly helpful”. Some of us may beg to differ!

In reverse order: 

20 Hong Kong 

19 Kazakhstan

18 Chile

17 Hungary

16 South Korea

15 France

14 Austria

13 Japan

12 Russia

11 Germany

10 Czech Republic

9 Finland

8 China

7 Qatar

6 Sweden

5 Norway

4 Switzerland

3 Denmark

2 Saudi Arabia

1 Kuwait

Let's stop and think for a moment. General courtesies on a day to day basis in your new home city. In a densely populated city, it wouldn't make sense to stop whatever you're doing and go through the motions of a polite social interaction with everyone you met either socially or professionally - there are simply too many people you come in to contact with, especially when you first move to a new city.

This may seem like rudeness, but - funnily enough - it's actually the exact opposite: it's being considerate.

A corollary of this is that population density affects expectations of privacy and respect. People living in big cities don't tend to share their most personal details with just anyone, again because there are just too many people, and because you are not necessarily likely to form a close personal bond with any given stranger you meet (unlike in a smaller, most-everyone-knows-each-other community).

Thus, mannerisms that might be polite or friendly in a small town - like asking about someone's children - could easily be invasive and unwelcome in big cities. This isn't because people in big cities are all paranoid misanthropes; it's because the social dynamics in a big city setting are different.

Source: Some excerpts from this article first appeared in Expat Insider 


3 November 2018
Not sure about all of these cites on the list. Interesting. Where were the statistics drawn from exactly?


Here is the source Richard. ( as mentioned in the news article ) This survey, by Expat Insider, conducted by InterNations (InterNations was bought by XING - the German LinkedIn - two years ago) is quite light on reasoning, so I would take it with a kilo of two of salt.
I take it the survey did not include African countries as there are many there which should be on the list.
It is interesting to note the results and what these survey's bring to the table and even more so how the results affect individual and personal responses to reading lists like these. No two survey will yield the same list result due to the core group of recipients taking part and how they are being attracted to contribute to the survey. Expat Choice will run its own survey in early 2019 to see the results from an Asian perspective
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