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2019 is the Year of the Pig according to Chinese zodiac. The predictions below are valid for 2019 (year of the Pig) starting from February 5, 2019 and lasting to January 24, 2020.

The Chinese Zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao, is based on a twelve-year cycle, each year in that cycle related to an animal sign. These signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. It is calculated according to Chinese lunar calendar.

Star Columnist & Resident Feng Shui Master for Simply Her Magazine, Master Clarice Chan is the Author of the "Your Fortune" series, beginning with Your Fortune in 2007-2019.

Master Clarice Chan is a regular contributor to renown magazines such as Expat Living, The Finder, Harper's Bazaar, Female Magazine, The Peak & Cosmopolitan and now www.expatchoice.asia. Read "Your Fortune" here for 2019. 


Members of the Rat sign are likely to feel mentally charged and extra creative. As you are one of the favoured signs of the Ruling zodiac, the Pig, your journey in 2019 will be smoother, happier and more successful. Career and business energy are positive and this is also a good year for those that wish to switch job, but, to do that more effectively, you are required to network, and keep in contact with friends and peers of industries that you wish to join. For your wellness and personal safety, you are advised against leading an overindulgent lifestyle and to avoid risky water sports.


2019 will be a calm and peaceful year for members of the Ox sign. While most aspects of life will be stable be aware that you may feel restless from time to time.  Career-wise, this is the year that you will want to expand and demonstrate your confidence in leadership.  As energy this year can be chaotic, you must be more cautious when travelling or if you drive in foreign countries. Health and wellbeing can be challenged if you do not have adequate rest. Health-wise, you must try to stay healthy by doing regular exercise and sleep patterns.


This is a dual faceted year for members of the Tiger sign, as you are both the most compatible sign and also a clashing sign to the ruling zodiac, the Pig. So, while part of your journey in 2019 can be great and wonderful, beware that there can also be challenging times. The key is to be moderate and look before you leap into anything that looks new and exciting. Career and jobs will be hectic but manageable. You will have the blessing of meeting benefactors that will bring you good luck for your career and, for some, you will be promoted.


Rabbit zodiac signs have an enviable journey throughout 2019.

As the Rabbit is compatible with the ruling sign, the Pig, it is believed that life, in general, will go well and you will receive many blessings. Blessed by many auspicious stars in 2019, even if you do encounter problems, you will find that people will surface to help you out.   Career-wise, this is likely to be a smooth sailing year and, those that are proactive will find many opportunities.  As the Rabbit is a sensitive sign, it is best to be more tolerant and alert, and it is important not to let yourself be dragged into disputes.


2019 will be a  busy and creative year for the Dragon sign.  If you use this creative energy wisely, it is likely that you will experience growth and expansion in your career or business.  At work, this is a good year to be more open and be alert to see opportunities as they surface. This is important if you are looking for an opportunity to upgrade and seeking promotion. Take note that keeping on top of paperwork and keeping to routines are equally important.  Although income is stable, unexpected expenses are indicated, but with careful management, it will balance out and you will see extra money are indicated towards the end of the year.


This is a clashing year for the members of the Snake sign and they must be prepared to be flexible and flow with any changes that occur.  As the Snake is one of the Travelling stars, it is likely that there will be more changes, moves or travels in 2019.  Workwise, it is common for clashing signs to feel restless and sometimes frustrated.  It is also important to be aware of backstabbing issues and gossip that will affect your work morale. On the other hand, this is a good year for job switching and, should you do that, remember to take a break before starting on the new job.


This is an excellent year for members of the Horse sign, especially for those who are looking for new work or business opportunities. Mentally, you will begin the year feeling refresh and be able to see more clearly any plans that you had doubts about. You should also know that you have the power to direct your energy to whatever you wish to achieve. Career-wise, you will enjoy many blessings and benefits that this Pig year brings.  However, you are reminded to stay passionate and focused, to ensure that you achieve your goals. This is a busier year also for part-timers and freelancers, so be sure to take advantage of it.


You will be pleased to step away from 2018, which was your clashing year into a more positive 2019!  Unlike the last year, you are a compatible sign to the Pig, which is the ruling sign in 2019. It is believed that compatible signs will generally have a better journey and enjoy more blessings. This is definitely so, as you also have an array of auspicious stars shining on your zodiac sign this year.The Pig year will see you doing well in your career especially for those in advertising, music and entertainment, writing, public relations and media. You will be more creative and will find that ideas and inspirations come to you more quickly and naturally.


2019  will be an eventful year for members born under the Monkey sign. While things can be very good on the one hand,  as you are also a clashing sign to the Pig sign,  you must still be aware that there will be challenges. The key to a successful year is to remember not to allow frustrations to affect your decision making. Your journey this year will be smoother if you can be more open and look before you leap. Workwise, you will still see support from colleagues, friends and superiors. Office politics are inevitable and the smarter thing to do is to stay away from conflict where possible and definitely avoid taking sides.


This is a mixed energy year for those born under the Rooster sign. You are advised to keep positive by keeping with optimistic people and participate in light and happy activities throughout the year. It will also be helpful to take life at an easier pace and allow plenty of time for personal relaxation and contemplation. With career and business, it is advisable not to make impulsive decisions.  It is also good to keep calm at work and avoid situations of conflicts. Be aware that too many changes at work can also destabilize your position. The key to a more successful work life this year is not to over-react and manage people carefully.


You will be happy to step into the year of the Pig as it will be a friendlier and easygoing year for you. Life, in general, will feel more supportive,  people you meet will have a positive impact on you and some can feel protective of you. The key to your success this year is to avoid overthinking and enjoy the journey. Career change or starting a new business is possible. Be not afraid to try new out new ideas at work as colleagues and superiors will supportive. If you have been working hard to get a raise or promotion, this is likely to happen this year.


As your sign is also clashing with 2019’s ruling sign, which is also the Pig, it will be best to moderate your expectations and live life at an even pace. As it is common to feel restless and sensitive in a clashing year, controlling your emotions is vital this year. How well you perform this year will depend on how well you can manage your thoughts and emotions. You must remind yourself to find ways to stay positive this year and be open to changes.  Workwise, it will be wise to keep low key and avoid getting into conflict with colleagues or superiors. Keep your mind on completing tasks and try to be as flexible to changes as possible. Unless it is unbearable at the workplace, it is unwise to change job this year.

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Master Clarice Chan



13 March 2019
Good advice


Non Member
21 January 2019
to general and no any reflection on zodiac signs .....


15 February 2018
Thanks for the info to make the Year of the Dog a successful one. Gong Xi Fa Cai!


5 December 2017
I am always satisfied by the delightful read when Clarice publishes her book each year. It has been spot on for me over the years so I hope this year is no exception. Although my outlook is not as clear sailing as I would have hoped, there is nothing like a challenge to keep one on their toes. I know I need to watch my health and that's to do with my lifestyle. I want to get the most out of 2018 so its all about fitness, good eating an no over indulgences....


Thanks for featuring this article!:D
My sign is Rabbit and after reading I need to take a bit more care of myself. Master Clarice Chan gave me this advise: This will be fast and eventful year for people born under the Rabbit sign. It is also a good year for those who wish to make a career change or simply a job switch. Rabbits in business will need to be more patient with project development or expansion. Single Rabbit individuals are likely to make new friends and find romance, but committed relationships may take longer to form. A harmonious and happy year is indicated for Rabbits that are attached or married. Health wise, it is important that you take extremely good care of yourself: issues can arise from bad eating habits or due to an over indulgent lifestyle.