Pinot Palooza Singapore Sat 24 + Sun 25 November 2018 1pm-6pm

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7 November 2018
So, do you like Pinot Noir? Do you love Pinot Noir? Do you need to find out more about Pinot Noir, to see what all the fuss is about? Then you are looking for a purely indulgent Pinot Noir experience, and you have come to the right place. Get ready to get hip deep in the finest Pinot Noirs produced in the southern hemisphere and beyond, and to take the plunge into the roller coaster ride of the most enticing, enthralling, sexy, silky, suave and sophisticated grape variety going around on the planet; Pinot Noir. Eleven Cities, five countries for 2018. Pinot Palooza is THE event for lovers of Pinot Noir. You'll find us touring eleven cities and five countries in 2018. Heading to Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.


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